Kelly Creegan

Bio: Im a 29 year old Thai boxer from Dublin, Ireland hailing from Bridgestone Muay Thai. For the past 5 or so years muay thai has been my life, After my 2nd visit to Thailand in 2012 i thought why not? theres nothing holding me back! i love this place so much, i love training and fighting in Thailand, i'm just going to move there and go with the flow! So i got a TEFL qualification, i saved my ass off, gave my notice to my bank job, and i'm off to train, fight and teach English and hopefully have a great fun adventure! This blog is nothing serious just a day in the life of, but judging by my experiences so far its bound to have its fair share of moments!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi kelly,

    I know you have been training at sitmonchai previously,

    I would like to know some information as I’m going there in 2 weeks

    Did you stay at the camp or live off site?

    And I was wondering is there a lot of available apartments that I could rent outside of the gym close by? To save cost

    • Hi liam sitmonchai only accepts a certain number of people at a time to train there and everyone stays in the gym. Have you booked your stay with Abigail? Its a much better experience for you anyway as theres nothing in Thamaka and they really take care of you there! 🙂

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