Eminent Air

Well ive been training at Eminent Air for around 6 months now i think! I really like the gym but fitting in the schedule was hard for me. It was so easy in Thamaka the school was around the corner from the gym and i could go after work and get a full training session in! I could also run before work in the mornings it was just easy! In Bangkok i usually try to leave for work at 6:45am which is very early to go to work. Ive yet to be able to get up and run before work. And you know i see on facebook or instagram the rock or fucking Khloe Kardashian posting about their 4am workout and im seriously like FUCK YOU THE ROCK AND KHLOE! FUUUUUUUCK YOU! hahaha i dont sleep well its not an excuse its my life, and its so hard! If i have a fight i will get up i will make myself wake up but to do it just to do it i cant! So no morning run, I’m doing a bit of conditioning if i actually get up!

So let me tell you about my days my alarm goes off at 5am ill get up around 6 (sometimes nearly 6:30 🙈) get ready feed the cat and go to work, work is fun but teaching young children zaps you, you need alot of energy theres no break literally all day. Then at 3pm ill leave work and head to the gym, the lads will do a short run around the soi, skipping, clinch for around 20-30mins, hit bags then do 4 x 5 min rounds on pads another short run and they are done by 5:30pm the latest. I tell ya the 5 minute rounds were tough when i first started! Im usually still running when clinch starts but sometimes ill jump in for the last 10 mins or so which has been good but fook me! Melissa Ray muaythaionthebrain is one strong lady! The Thai’s all talk about her strength, you can tell they are proud of her, which of course they should shes awesome and accomplished so much! So i hope clinching with her will make me stronger. I feel like she just throws me around like a ragdoll lol. Jomhod showed me some moves to do against her which of course he did with ease but im like using all my might and cant do it hahaha. Work in progress! The trainers reference her alot talking to me about fighting so ive a really tough act to follow in this gym. Shes retired but still trains so hard i cant imagine what she was like in her fighting days!

The atmosphere at the gym is like all gyms, the boys are all messers with each other, even though its not the same as Sitmonchai, it has a family feel, the wives of a couple of the trainers/ fighters are there everyday with their babies. They are so cute and funny to watch, so tiny but already part of muaythai messing play fighting etc and hitting pads. The boys i think are just shy around foreigners, and they dont speak English, obviously any long term foreigners you see bonds etc but i suppose whats the point in making the effort to know someone when they are only here a couple of weeks! So most people are “farang” im ‘you’ and phuu ying lol but the trainers all know my name, except Fahleep forgets all the time! He forgot the other day and was like ‘keeee… cheu alai?’ So i went through all the random Thai nicknames people have! Ice-cream, milk, pepsi, fren fri and my personal favourite McDonal haha although i dont think anyone is actually called that haha.

I always find the nicest fighters in gyms are the superstars! Of course Pornsanae for me is just one of my favourite people full stop but before i got to know him he was so friendly and nice. I dont know if its because they have more exposure to the limelight etc but they are just so sound! And Jomhod is no exception! Hes so lovely! A really nice fella! And really funny! Now most of the fighters have barely any English his is prob the best out of them, he asked me the other day how is my English is it good? I was like eeeeh like 20% haha. But hes really nice hes always giving me lifts down the road after training, and he loves his ‘Fan club’ FC Jomhod! For some of his fights he gets tshirts made and gives them free to the people going to support him. Hes got some really cool ones for sale aswell which i need to buy at some point! Hes always happy and smiling and sets a great president for the boys in the gym. The other star of the gym is Satanfaa, Satanfaa is fooking ripped!! Always no matter what even taking a break from fights he always looks the same. Hes quite mysterious hes much quieter (perhaps shy) than Jomhod but hes a right joker! He trains under Suriya and i love watching them do pads they are both little showmen trying to get one on each other and looking to see who saw its very funny! He also sounds like a Panther when he hits the bags! Only the bags, i think he like over exaggerates it sometimes messing like he’ll be on the bag beside me and i dont wanna look at him cos he’ll look at me and just snarl like a panther and ill feel slightly selfconcious and be like oh god hes snarling at me haha. When i leave early some days to go to Thai school he’ll roar at me why dont i study Isaan haha he doesnt speak any English at all so whenever he talks to me im like ummmmm what? Himself and Jomhod are very close, its really nice to see, after their fights at Ch 7 recently Satanfaa stood there icing Jomhods eye even though the young lads and trainers were there, he’d only gotten out of the ring himself but was taking care of his brother!

Another and probably my favourite is Pragaipet (i actually dont know all their nicknames, pragaipet has a brother pragaipetlek, they are like ton and jon or something, satanfaas is jack) anyway he is by far the biggest character in the gym and mad as a brush!! Pragaipet has a deformed hand i think from birth and hes such a badass! I love to meet people where nothing will stop them doing what they want, he ties his skipping rope to his hand and uses a handwrap to tie a dumbell on. Hes strong as FOOK in the clinch! And a really exciting fighter to watch. Its so cool! After training there when i went to Sitmonchai the boys were all asking me about him. You really feel his presence and miss it when hes not in the gym! Always messing and joking, he hit pads with Satanfaa the other day and pretended to cry the whole way through (he’d taken a few weeks break and was unfit, so he was probably using the act to make up for actually feeling like that hahaha).

Ive only met the owner Mr Somboon once at Lumpinee and he seems like such a character! Hes not actually been at the gym since i started but hes seems very funny and a good laugh! He used to be a lawyer so the thais call him ‘ta naai’ (i think) which is Thai for lawyer. There are 5 trainers in the gym and sometimes a couple of the fighters will hold pads for thai’s who come to train after work! We have Suriya, Ajarn Len, Santi, Sam and Fahlaep! Fahlaep is a proper joker real young at heart! He works as a motorbike taxi after training too. He has it in for me (all joking and playful) but i reckon he was ‘burnt’ by a blonde in the past so he picks on me hahaha. Obviously Melissa always kills me clinching but if theres another girl or someone else hes like ‘kill her, throw her instructing the other person what to do I’m like whats your fooking problem hahahaha and he’ll come over and throw me or push me to otherside of ring. Ajarn Len is a funny ole one! When i first started he was all questions about Sitmonchai, seriously for like the 1st 3 months he said to me nearly everyday “Pornsanae mii feen falang” (has foreign girlfriend) i was like NOOOOOOOO how many times!! Thepnimit!! Haha Just repeats himself the whole time, hes a man of few words and more grunts but he seems to have taken a liking to me probably cos im like ‘WTF you on about!!?’ laughing all the time but hes always talking Thai to me and im slowly able to respond haha. Hes a big animal lover, theres loads of dogs at the gym and 3 of them he rescued,they are really timid shy dogs who clearly had a rough start in life but they are well looked after now! I buy them treats so they love me now, they run up to me everyday smiling ‘Hi treat lady!’ haha. The other week Len walked out from the back with a squirrel on his shoulder on a leash 😂😂 wtf! I reckon hes got loads of animals in his room and is like Ace Ventura rattling the handle when he goes in to signal them to hide!! 😂 Jomhods pomeranian just had 2 pups so id say Ajarn Len is just loving them! He was all excited showing me the other day.

So my trainer Suriya man how do i explain him 😂 ive been so blessed with my trainers in Thailand! Outside of the ring he is this quiet reserved man, he deals with the daily run of the gym. He’ll ask me was my training ok am i happy etc and just a normal kinda person………In the ring…….EVERY day without fail i hear “NUMBER 1 MUAY THAI IRELAND!!!!!!” which is my que to go in for pads!! And hes a bleeding nutjob!!! Suriya reminds me a bit of Juab in pads he really eats everything you throw and makes you feel so powerful! Hes turning me into a muay khao! Knees and elbows the whole time! Im so excited to fight again to see will i automatically just go in for the clinch straight away. So my knees and elbows are really coming along! We have so much fun in pads, i can honestly say ive never laughed so much with a trainer ever! That being said i train hard hes just a mentaller and im giggling the whole time! its all freestyle so theres been a few near misses with elbows 😁. He calls me dangerous all the time. So for various reasons i hadn’t been able to train all the time, mostly it was money i couldnt afford to train everyday, but im really trying to make it work as i really want to fight. Before i came to Eminent, Melissa told me that i wouldn’t be able to fight as much as i did in Sitmonchai. They dont fight at festivals etc its mostly big shows, Lumpinee, Ch7 etc. In December Ajarn Len (Jomhods trainer) mentioned about fighting the Kings birthday but i didnt hear anymore about it. So after Christmas i said to Suriya i want a fight! He was like ‘Really?’ Eeeeehhhh yea!!!???? Haha so he said ok but you have no power! (I thought i was doing good at that point haha) but i dont think he means power power its more fitness etc so i said id work on it train hard etc. Apparently hes one of the hardest trainers in the gym to like i dont know the words like not impress but you know prove your worth etc so he’ll get you a fight. So now hes saying im doing really well going “up up” and he will speak to promoters etc. So fingers crossed soon ill get a fight but still need to work on fitness. We are doing alot of boxing sparring and he just goes hell for leather cray cray on me!!!! And what do i do……..laugh my ass off!!! wait til he tires and then go for it haha. He put 2 belly pads on the other week saying they were championship belts….now this is something usually the young lads of gyms do……not the fella basically running it 😂😂 hes just so funny! The other night he did it again but held the ‘belt’ between us then started announcing ‘WBC championship fight….Suriya Thailand …’the thing was noone was paying attention!! So he shouted louder to get acknowledgement for his little skit 😂😂 i was like Suriya noone is watching us whilst i stand there holding a bellypad 🙈🙈

So as you can tell i really like Eminent Air! A great bunch of trainers with some awesome fighters! It was more difficult than i thought getting into a routine here in Bangkok, but i really feel im learning and changing as a fighter and thats what its all about eh! Fingers crossed ill get a fight soon its been so long it makes me sad, but honestly im still not fit enough 😐 . I never thought it would be this hard living, working, studying and training in Bangkok, ive always had no problems working and training before! but im trying my best and im learning and having so much fun in the process.

Check Eminent Air out on facebook and their website Eminent Air for more training info


Eminent air


My gym lovelies ❤


The 2 main men! Satanfaa and Jomhod photo courtesy : squareslicemedia


Ajarn Len and his pet squirrel 😂


Me and Suriya after our championship boxing fight




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