My last night at Sitmonchai cake, whiskey and sak yant possession (as ya do)

So Saturday was my last night at the gym I didn’t have a chance to be sad as it was so much fun! Mama’s cooked Isaan food especially for me (I was in charge of the grilled chicken) then such a lovely surprise a cake , a framed photo of us all that was taken that day and a bottle of whiskey! Abigail was in such a rush to get the picture printed she picked one (a thumbnail) of us all looking in different directions but I kinda love it lol. Such a thoughtful gift I started to cry! I’m not a big drinker anymore and especially not whiskey so we gave the whiskey to the trainers! Benji had bought me a couple of bottles of Leo at dinner, well the boys were in shock I was drinking as I never do haha.

After cake and tears I went into the trainers room to have a drink with them. I felt terrible that Ton missed our group photo because he was asleep! He’s such a sensitive kind hearted fella and he was sad that I was leaving. So in me and Abigail went for one drink! Jun came in and joined us as well and we had whiskey and soda water BAAARRRFF!!! Well of course one turned into a lot more (and another bottle) one by one the younger boys came in to join us, and Benji joined us as well! So it became a little room party! Tia kept putting the fast and furious song on and singing ‘see you again’ to me :'(. Love that boy so much. So everyone was getting merry! Whiskey was being forced down me but I drank slow as it was gross! And my first one was actually a glass of Leo that no one noticed hahahaha and I didn’t say lol! Lots of giggles and selfies later and one of the older trainers Kru Lee was going to bed. I felt bad and me and Abigail were like ooh no but San was like OK no problem Thailand no problem. I imagine its something Thai’s have to deal with sharing a room.

Luk Kiat who I mentioned in a previous Facebook post is back with Sitmonchai (he was the first ever fighter for the gym) he’s about 46kg so you can imagine someoneĀ  that size doesn’t take much to get drunk. Pee A is such a good man and really takes care of his ‘family’ he invited Kiat back to the gym to help him out. I think he was possibly doing farming or maybe had no work but he came to the gym and he is such an awesome character. Real happy go lucky guy! You could tell how happy he was to be back at the gym. He’s always smiling and dancing . So everyone was getting a bit drunk and Kiat was talking really loud and Tia was telling people to be quiter because of Kru Lee sleeping (so sensible for a young lad). Then Kiat disappeared for ages and one of the boys came in and said that he was out the back and said something about a tattoo and a tiger. I was like what what? And he said ‘kiat tattoo and put his hands to head like praying’ so I thought what is he giving himself a drunk tattoo??? Next think Tia, Note and Ton bring Luk Kiat back into the room and he was moaning and started to shout!! At first i was like omg the fella is fucked he cant even walk! then it was like he was growling! WTF! The next thing he like crouched down into a pounce like stance with his arms out and hands liked clawed and was snapping and making weird noises!! One of the boys covered his mouth and they were all restraining him but it was like he was seized up in the position (kinda like when someone has a seizure). The boys were all normal and calm rubbing his arms talking to him and Tia looked at me giggling and said how Luk Kiat was so strong! I was so shocked I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing I laughed out of nervousness but then stopped as I was freaked out! The Thai’s were laughing and just dealing with it like it was a regular thing. A regular thing one of their mates turning into a bleeding tiger!! that my friends……is not normal. Imagine being out on the piss at home with your mates and starting acting like a tiger….eeeh police, psych evaluation, cell for the night!!

So basically for those who don’t know sak yants are tattoos usually performed by a monk with a sharpened bamboo stick they are blessed and charged by the monk. The yants possess magic powers of protection, luck and strength etc for the wearer and there are lots of different rules you are meant to live by when you have one (one being no drinking lol) but there are crazy ones like:
dont eat star fruit, or eat leftovers, eat buffet food from a wedding or funeral ….ooohh hell no!!! for men never let a woman lie or sit on top of them, dont walk under a clothes line!??
These tattoos date back over 2000 years when warriors would have their bodies covered from head to toe to help protect them from harm in battle. I have wanted to get some sak yants for years but I don’t mind getting them by a gun either (still by a monk but just with a gun the process is the same) i dont know I know that the process is special but I’ve seen some really bad yants! And people say that it is not about them being beautiful and symmetrical, its the whole experience but its still on you forever you know but luckily I know people who know monks etc lol so I’m sure when I get some they will be beautiful! But im not Buddhist and the honest person i am i will not live by some of those rules of the yant! I think they are beautiful and for me its all to do with my experience in Thailand and as a Muay thai fighter. I dont know maybe i will go to Wat Bang Phra i want to go anyway but i will be going to the really good monk you have to wait longer for and pay extra! And after witnessing Kiat’s possession I’m not sure I want all the powers lol.

So anyway when some people receive a yant they go into a trance and the yant they receive takes over their body so imagine tigers, snakes, frogs, birds, a hannauman etc. Now this is not something I’d ever believe in like id imagine people fake it because I assume becoming possessed by your yant is not a bad thing I mean it’s powers are obviously very much in you. But what I was told is sometimes when you’re drunk the thai’s believe your spirit leaves your body and all that’s left is the yant spirit and it can take over!! There are ceremonies like Nai Khanom Tom day at the famous temple Wat Bang Phra where many people go into trances after receiving their yant and it can be quite dangerous depending on the yant you have! Now 46kg Luk Kiat was pretty drunk. Afterwards he seemed a bit disorientated and totally sobered up! His head seemed fuzzy and he apologised to me and Abigail!! We were like what!! you daft thing don’t apologise I felt bad for him like he seemed sad it happened but I must say it was quite a crazy thing to witness! And if you knew him as a person you would know 100% this was no act it was so real!! I have a friend who for the past 5 years or so has suffered from random seizures. No scans or tests have shown anything or cause for them but the thai’s blame her sak yants . I always thought they were mental saying it but after witnessing Luk Kiat I can see why they think it, although hers are proper seizures not acting like one of her yants. I tell ya a sak yant is not just a tattoo to get willy nilly I know obviously not everyone is effected! But knowing me id be bleeding chasing someone on all fours growling at them some Saturday night!
Soo that kinda stopped the party buzz but it was late anyway!

So I headed home and got into bed set my alarm early to get up and finish packing! When I woke I was grand I just felt tired! Pee Pop came to collect me and my stuff for the move, Tigger got really upset and stressed bless her but (sneaked her) into the new apartment ok. And yes there’s no pets allowed in my apartment but I literally could not find anywhere that allowed pets! I looked for around 6 months and nothing was in my price range. I was starting to panic when the Thai’s were like sneak her in no problem many people do! And well so many people have pets in bangkok but nowhere seems to allow them! I wrote up on a public forum on Facebook asking people their experiences etc and so many replied they had pets some had bleeding mini zoos in their condos! So anyway I’m taking a risk but she’s (usually ) good and quiet so I hope it will be OK! Fingers crossed or we are out on the street 😂😂

So yep I’ve officially moved now, its been very emotional leaving Sitmonchai but I will be visiting as often as I can so it doesn’t feel like I’m proper leaving! I’m going to miss seeing everyone everyday though, I’m so used to them all being in my daily life its going to be strange! The time I’ve spent living in Thamaka and training in Sitmonchai has been one of the best experiences of my life, not only have I become a better fighter (I think) ive made so many friends from all over the world and I’m part of the most amazing family and I feel so lucky for it! The memories I have I will cherish forever! And now its time to make some more!


Me and my mamas!!!


Sitmonchai family


Gifts!! Cake with me on it!! Picture and whiskey!


Party in the trainers room!


Me and ma boys


This is his way of showing affection lol


Me and my lovely abigail

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