3 fights in 2 weeks

Before coming to Thailand I was lucky to get 3 fights in a year. So far this year I’ve had 6 fights and the last 2 weeks were 3 of them. Now I’m always hurt after fights but I thought I’d just go for it! I’m moving to Bangkok starting a new job a new gym etc who knows when I’ll fight next……so when in Rome. After my fight with Gaenpet I thought I was ok we knocked knees hard in the fight ( I find stuff happens alot like this with me being a southpaw, my left and their right kick at same time) but I figured few days rest id be grand!
Well as soon as I kicked pads bruising showed up all over my shins so I carried on and massaged etc it wasn’t too bad.

So the 30th of May I was scheduled to fight my friend Juliana Rosa in Kanchanaburi. Me and Juliana first met on Angel Fight  (the photo shoot) last October, we have chatted alot since then and seen each other at different fights etc. This is my 2nd time fighting a friend, I don’t mind at all (although I wouldn’t fight my best mate!…..plus she’d kick my ass lol) but yea I think it’s fine. I fought my friend Elaine McElligott for an Irish title before I came to Thailand. We had a great fight which I lost on points but I loved it we were both a bit emotional at the final bell haha.
So myself and Juliana were scheduled to fight in Kanchanaburi, my shin was a bit sore so I was hoping to throw knees (which I never do) in the first or 2nd round our shins clashed (southpaw probs) and it really hurt!!! Most fighters will agree that you don’t feel much in a fight it hits you after but when you do…..its like oooh fuck and its just on your mind constantly! Juliana went on to win on points I remember going into the corner and them telling me to leg kick! I turned around and said ‘No I don’t want to my shin hurts lol’ once again I was thinking of the next fight! Which is clearly why I’m not suited to fighting every week lol. So still it was a good fight I started throwing knees in the last two rounds but Juliana won. I’ve always admired Juliana I think she’s a great fighter and it was clear from our fight she had a good ‘fight IQ’ and knew how to score! ! She’s been fighting top female thai’s and losing on points which I think (to anyone) is disheartening but she’s a great fighter and all these fights will only atest to that. Beside all of that in a typical outside temple fight the ring was not great!! In the 2nd round Juliana slipped and went over on her ankle I didn’t really notice too much but my corner were yelling at me to kick her lower part of foot! I didn’t actually realise what they were on about but im glad to be honest. I can’t actually believe she continued fighting when she sent pictures of her foot the next day!! Obviously adrenaline pushed her through the fight but man the pain she must have felt I can only admire her and praise how bloody tough she is to go on and win injured! Both of us injured so I think a rematch at some point in the future will happen when we are both in good form! She told me after the bell rung I was one of the strongest girls she’s ever faced! So that’s pretty cool 🙂 She also came up to me and was like ‘why did you try and cut me!! friends don’t cut each other lol’ I did a nice step in upward elbow in the first round I wasn’t intending to cut her……just elbow her lol. So very sore shins after the fight, home to ice and the next day we were off to Samui to fight!!!

That morning I really wasn’t in the mood to be jogging so I put my sauna suit on a cleaned my house!! Sweated loads lol then in the afternoon we headed off. Myself, Luca, Benji and a lad called Felipe from Kiatpontip were fighting and Dton and John were cornering and of course Pee A driving the pick up. I was in the front Princess Kelly with my pillow. The journey there wasn’t so bad ! We stopped in Surat Thani and stayed the night there and caught the boat in the morning. I stupidly left my lovely amulet hanging on the curtain rail of my room, devastated and me being me saw it as bad luck!!
We got on the boat and as we left shore we couldn’t find Pee A anywhere (we had to walk on and he drove the pickup on). I rang him………. he was still in the waiting bay at the pier lol. So he had a friend collect us when we arrived and he was an hour behind us on the next boat.

We got dropped off at our hotel and were given our rooms. Uuuuggghhhhh it was just fucking foul!!!! The aircon didn’t work properly the walls were dirty, there was ceiling crap all over my bathroom floor. I needed a fridge as I needed to ice my shins, but there wasn’t one! Luca had one in his room so he said he’d swap with me. So we swapped rooms still gross and air con didn’t work but I had a fridge! …….lay on the bed FUCK MY ACTUAL LIFE!!!!! springs jabbing into my back So I try the other bed, the same! I lifted up one of the mattresses and there was blood all over the base!!!! I was disgusted!! I lay a towel on the bed and slept (but no sleep at all ).

The next morning I went with the boys to the stadium as they needed to cut weight, I didn’t need to but I didn’t want to stay in the room so I went along. I was totally miserable! Every fighter would agree with me that the night before a fight you want to be comfortable and relaxed. I was neither of those in fact because of my injuries I was just like oh fuck this I don’t even wanna bloody fight!! So I sat in the stadium with my tired little sad face!
Pee A went to the promoter and was like ‘look at her she had no sleep, hotel really bad and smells, why you put us in bad hotel?’ He said it was because previous Thai fighters recked the rooms, stole towels and left Thai oil spilt everywhere so hotels had enough. But he said he would move us to a new hotel. We got the call an hour later that we were moving to a different hotel yeeaaaay! And it was lovely!!!!! Ooh it felt like luxury so it did I was so happy!! And beginning to relax more.

We went back to the stadium in the afternoon to do the last cut so I did a run in my sweatsuit, the promoter apologized to me about the first hotel but I was like eeh he knew well the state of that place I mean there are plenty of other shitty cheap hotel in Chaweng but least they are clean!! So I said in Thai that the bed had blood all over it and he was like oohh I’m sorry sorry! Everything OK now? Yes thank you Princess Kelly 1 Promoter 0. So the rest of day was uneventful had Khao man gai for dinner and a bit of water watched a movie and went to bed.

Now I’ve spoken probably a lot before about my insomnia and even though I had such a comfy bed and pillows I just couldn’t sleep!! Not a bleeding wink all night! This was my first time weighing in the same day as a fight in Thailand. When it was time to get up I was fooked! I wasn’t even dehydrated as I drank fluids and electrolytes the day before but I felt dizzy and all fuzzy from lack of sleep! Got to the stadium and everyone was there waiting to weigh in. The weigh in were at 8:30am but we had to wait til 9:30am to get a completely pointless lecture from the promoter! He’s one of them fellas that thinks himself something special like he wants his stadium to be like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. I was sitting next to my opponent with my legs tucked under my seat as I didn’t want her to see all the bruises on my legs lol. It was nearly 11am when we got to eat! And we had to be back at the stadium at 7pm ridiculous!!! I was so tired, I wanted to eat but I needed to sleep, so I ate in hotel and went up to sleep but had to set my alarm to wake to eat! So I only got a couple of hours sleep.

I went with Pee A and Benji for food (Benji was on like his 4th or 5th meal, I was on my 2nd) I had some garlic pepper pork and rice and then went to try find somewhere to get my hair done!
Sweet lord well didnt i get the slowest shittest fucking hairdresser in Chaweng! Jasus I wanted to rip my eyeballs out! She kept having to undo them and start again and they were bloody shit haha it took ages!!!!!!

So fight time was looming I took a vitamin B12 shot and Pee A gave me some liquid glucose (yuk) to be honest I was just waiting for the fight to be over!….oh did I mention i was the last fight as well! No sleep and last fight lol. I wasn’t feeling confident at all in fact I thought I would be stopped! My opponent Monica Brenes was really strong like a little unit!!! Also I thought she looked a bit like Pink the singer! Anyway yea let’s just get this over with! So we had to be at the venue really early and in Samui you have to get on the back of a pickup truck and drive around Chaweng! With the speakers blasting out the same thing (in the overly enthusiastic englishy accent) ‘ MUAY THAI TONIGHT blah blah blah fighters from all ….over ……the world!!!!! At Chaweng stadium….BE THERE!!!! (be there! be there! echo echo). Got back to the stadium and ANOTHER talk the same as the morning from the promoter! Blah blah beautiful fights, no fouls etc etc then we saw the doctor and had to do a pee test for some drug. Which was a first for me , had to bleeding carry my pee in this tiny little saucer past loads of people to the doctor ‘scarleh for me ma’ got pee on my finger!

So fights finally happened Luca won by TKO rd 2, Felipe lost TKO rd1 and Benji lost TKO rd 3 (I think) so last fight of the night finally! Pee A was like come on quick mongkol I was like no Pee A?? And he was saying yes yes you fight next ! Eehh yea I know did you forget I’m female lol can’t put mongkol on till I’m in the ring haha. So I sat down in a chair beside my opponent while the previous fight was on……again trying to conceal my bruised shins haha. So I’m about to go out and yer man comes out with an England flag!! NO NO NO GET BACK GET BACK! hahaha go back get the Irish one lol. Got loads of cheers from the crowd, everyone loves the Irish!! 😉 I didn’t do a wai kru for 2 reasons 1: I was too tired didn’t even wanna bleeding fight and 2: I actually couldn’t sit down and do the wai kru cos my shins hurt and a bit of dead leg in my thighs so it really hurt 😂😂.
The fight went so fast! The first round Monica didn’t do much but threw a few inside leg kicks that hurt, we traded a bit I was going for head kicks more but yea nothing too exciting! 2nd I stepped it up more punching a few knees etc but she just kept going for my inside leg which was raw red I wasn’t blocking and not stepping back quick enough so her toes were slapping my leg! DOH!! so she was clearly going for a leg kick stoppage, i was expecting loads of punching from her as I’d heard her boxing was good and she had a boxing background! but she didnt at all. I kept kicking body and head etc punching and throwing knees at one point she kicked and it skimmed across my boobs nearly took my nipples clean off!! And i started laughing! It wasn’t a great fight technically on my part I just did what I needed to score and win! I knew I’d won at the end but my opponent seemed to think she had won. Anyway I was so delighted I had won and I couldn’t believe it to be honest I was convinced I’d lose as my confidence was low, I was injured and had no sleep! But I managed to pull through and get the win! The Sinbi boss asked Pee A the day before for a 20,000 side bet on the fight! But Pee A just said no as he knew I was injured so wasn’t sure if I’d win haha he was like ‘you no hurt I bet 100%’ lol shame he didn’t!

So as always in Thailand quick pack away finish, leave after the fight it was about 1am so we went somewhere to eat with the promoter, but once again showing his ignorance was like ‘fighters over there’ so we had to sit at another table! He’s too good to sit with us but you could tell Pee A would have rather sat with us! Had food but all I wanted to do was go home and sleep! I was wrecked and I needed to ice my leg lol.

The next morning we were up and left the hotel at 12, we went to a food court and had pizza yeeaaaay and icecream then headed to the boat back to Surat! It was a horrible long tiring drive home! I think it was 2am when we got back to the gym! I went straight home to bed and Tigger basically sat on my face all night cos she missed me haha.

All in all it was grand but I’m not a fan of that long drive! The promoter was asking me to fight again yea you fly me no probs mate haha. Fighting 3 times in 2 weeks is an experience I’m glad I had……but never again! I’m not able for it I’m not conditioned enough for injuries (something I’ll work on) and together with insomnia I just need more rest between fights! I didn’t feel confident and wasn’t able to fight to my best ability as I was consciously aware of the next fight a few days later! But now I’m on a break as I’ve moved and started a new job! I’m looking forward to getting back training in August and I hope I will get a fight opportunity soon after at my new gym 🙂


Me and Juliana with all the kids


Me and Juliana after our fight


Cleaning in my sweatsuit the next morning


On the boat to Samui.....without Pee A


Disgusting shower in hotel


Manky bed lay on a towel and iced my shins


MUCH nicer hotel


More icing....


Then heat patches 😂😂🙈


Last bit of weight cut


Giant billboard


A lesson learnt!! Took so many pain killers i was sick (thankfully was after fight!) But ive learnt my lesson ....no good!


At weigh in with my opponent


Fucking shite hair


Waiting to fight....trying to tuck legs under chair lol

2 thoughts on “3 fights in 2 weeks

  1. I used to ask to fight at Samui but after that i was like Fuck that! What a shit storm! Everything about it was crap. That promoter was so full of himself, it pissed me off when he said “real muay thai, not like Phuket” haha Phuket fights shit all over Samui fights and at least the girls are treated better and get to fight 5 rounds and dont get put as the last fight. He was a little arrogant turd!

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