My 4th (and last) fight v Gaenpet mor rattana bundit

So after our last encounter in April! Gaenpet or her trainers asked for a rematch as they believe she won the fight! in honesty I think it was close I didn’t record it but she did ok in the 2nd round (winding me) but that’s it!
So training was really hard I think actually it’s been my hardest training to date. Now that I’m training constantly with San he’s different to the other trainers. He pushes you, gives out, never let’s you rest haha everyday I did 200 teeps morning and night on the bag 200 knees (although they were more 100 knees to be fair…..fooked lol). My hips felt like an 80 year old.
My training for this fight was a lot of boxing! I don’t know what it is I really don’t but I never let my hands go! I used to but not anymore I hesitate too much and internally im SCREAMING at myself! GO GO GO! But nope. …. One heavy left knocking them backwards and that’s it, so I’ve really been trying to work on that!

The heat had been really effecting me training aswell not only was it hot but my aircon doesn’t work properly so I felt constantly hot all the time! But other than that it was good I was looking forward to the fight but at the same time I was, I won’t say nervous, maybe pressured that I have to win! I already won 3 times I can’t lose now. But I wanted a big win!!! stop her and put an end to the re matches lol .

So fight day arrived I went through my usual routine I drove (and got sunburnt) to the best khao man gai place around got my hair done and headed to gym, with my new Mongkol!
Once again I had my dream corner team Nakano and Jun and of course Abigail and Pee A. I love that they want to corner my fights so much! so I was fighting again in Baan Klang stadium which is where I fought Pettaapee see post on fight here
Last time there was a lot of waiting around etc whereas this time it was all very quick. Once again it was a corporate event a ‘secret location’ that the guests were brought too. When we arrived we sat in a shaded bench area outside. When Gaenpet arrived I was like HOLY FOOK! ! SHE’S MASSIVE! and she was, it was like weight / fat but she was so big I started to feel a tinge of nervousness but then I was like aah it doesn’t matter! She arrived with Dunnapha and her boyfriend Ta (a former fighter from our gym) and her dog! Her dog goes everywhere with her. He’s called akkyu and I was like Pee a?? He was quick to advise that Ikkyu (he’s son name) is totally different hahaha. Anyway I was suprised Dunnapha was there then I was told that Gaenpet is in college now so training at the same gym.

So the promoter came up to me and said he wanted us to hit pads as a demonstration before fight! I was like aah FFS! Now people back home would think aah so what! we do that before fights, but not in Thailand and well it was coming into evening but it was outside (the demonstration) and still warm etc. Before this myself and Gaenpet were called over to the organiser and the matre De (same English guy as last time) I was still getting my hands wrapped so when I walked over they had put like a plastic circle with hole cut out of middle around Gaenpet and strapped it to her shoulders! Straight away I knew what was going on and I was like no way!!! The thai was like will you help me please?? 30 minutes! I turned around and said ‘im a fighter not a waitress!!!!’ no sorry!! Gaenpet who seemed incredibly shy was going along with it so I just spoke for both of us and said we wouldn’t do it! WTF they wanted us walking around with like what are they called Hors d’oeuvres? for 30 minutes hahahahaha….NO. Plus we were the 1st fight! I might have to do a photo shoot or wear makeup for a fight but I draw the line at a bleeding walking snack table!!

So I go back get my hand wraps finished and then the guests arrive and we are called over to a little area by where they are! A few guests came over and asked for photos they were from a major international software company and people from all over the world were over for the event. So then we had to hit pads, the last time I fought the men had to hit pads but we didn’t! so Gaenpet was up first and there was this old guy trainer (of one of the lads) well she was hitting away double kick double kick bam bam bam. Then me a Jun were up….One Two. .One. .Two kick hahaha sabai sabai I wasn’t wasting my energy for a demo!

So we go inside and get oiled up and gloves on. They had these frigging awesome cheerleaders do a routine in the ring! Straight up ‘bring it on’ shit! READY!! OK!!!!! It was awesome! Then time to fight!
Peach Purahong was reffing again. So round one Gaenpet did nothing, literally nothing I just left kick, punched her the whole round! Round 2 she started reacting more going for body shots etc. I really don’t know what was going on in my head I’ve tried to analysis myself by thinking was I subconsciously thinking that I had another fight in a week and I didn’t want to get hurt? I don’t know! I went into the fight wanting a stoppage. I pretty much just left kicked and left punched for the fight I knew I won at the end!
But I was annoyed at myself it was a boring fight I basically did what I needed to win. Dunnapha’ s/ Gaenpet trainer came up to congratulate me and once again (in Thai) asked Pee a for me v Dunnapha and Pee a said no. He thinks she is number 1 in Thailand and I don’t disagree, I’m not ready to fight her she’s too smart.

So 8pm and we were on our way home! Awesome! When we got back to gym Pee A was like Kelly fight maybe 30% and win haha. That was never my intention and I’m really getting frustrated at my performances, Gaenpet had no power in her kicks but she punched really hard! Was I afraid to get hit? And that’s why I hesitated so much? No fighter wants to admit they are afraid to get hit! I don’t think I am but I’m beginning to question myself I dunno. Or maybe it was Gaenpet that made me awkward I don’t know but I’m looking forward to fighting again to see if there’s any difference. Once again she pretty much ignores me, she wasn’t as bad as before and she had a cray cray moment in the fight so I just smiled at her! when the fight ended she didn’t go over to my corner but I still went to hers and tried to kinda touch gloves with her. She’s just got a bad attitude especially for someone who isn’t that good, she’s lazy and unfit and thinks she’s better than she is, ive no interest in ever fighting her again to be honest.

The day after my fight I had to go on a visa run to Laos uuuuggghhh I just hate it! It wasn’t even that bad but I can’t sleep in the minivan and sweet jesus my legs swell so bad!! like to a point of pain, it’s really horrible! It’s really weird I suffer from insomnia and can go a couple of nights with no sleep and function (struggle but function) 9 hours in a minivan and waiting around an embassy I was a mess!! literally felt like I was drunk! lying horizontally and resting seems to do more than I think. The hotel had free ice which was good, the only good thing so I iced the shit out of my legs! The food is shocking there, I end up eating a load of french stick! but the next morning I went for breakfast and the French stick was gone….DEVVOOOOOO! ! But other than that the trip was ok! I bumped into Sylvie Von Dugglas-Ittu and her husband Kevin at a 7/11 on the way there which was random! she was on a visa run too! So we had a little chat 🙂
At the embassy we were told to wait on the grassy area to be called! I fell asleep as I was exhausted woke up covered in ants!!!! It took all of my self control to not rip all my clothes off!!! they were everywhere in my pockets etc I had ….a.…freak out lol.

The visa run was my few days rest as I’m fighting again this Saturday. I’m fighting Juliana Rosa in Kanchanaburi, I’m so excited! I think she is a great fighter really tough! it should be a great fight! This is the second time I’m fighting a friend! I met Juliana at my first angel fight v Purahong in October (we met at the photo shoot) and we have chatted and seen each other alot since then! It doesn’t bother me its just a fight, a game, a match. I’ve lots of respect for her! May the best girl win and we will have icecream after 🙂





4-0 muthafuckaaaassssss


Big fat swollen legs from minivan


Next fight v Juliana Rosa

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