My first (and hopefully last time) at a thai dentist

The last couple of weeks have been SHIT!!! and I mean fucking SHIT!!!! first Monday I came down with food poisoning, I was so Ill, went home sick from work and was in bed (and bathroom) for 2 days. By Wednesday I was still feeling delicate but well enough to return to work. Then I was getting wisdom tooth pains. My wisdom teeth have been ‘growing’ since I was about 20 but never broke through I’d get a random pain every now and again but nothing bad!
Then Wednesday I went through some personal things (something I may write about in the future) which left me an emotional wreck. I was having a really crappy week! Then Friday the left side of my face swelled, I was in so much pain I couldn’t tell what tears were for my teeth and what were for the other shit I was going through!!

So Abigail took me to a dentist in Ban Pong (the next big town over) now I’m petrified of the dentist! I know a lot of people are but like I’ve been offered to be put under for a filling before I was panicked so much! I hadn’t been to the dentist in maybe 7 years, so before I moved to Thailand I went for a check up I needed one filling and everything was grand!

Went into the dentist and she was real ignorant and bossy she spoke some English but was talking Thai to Abigail! The dentist checks me out and says ‘you smell’ haha ok biaatch! Went had an xray where you have to bite down on the thing in your mouth! My mouth was very swollen and I started choking and tried (with difficulty) to pull the thing out! The dentist just stood there impatient, eeh hello can you see the size of my face!!! So I took a deep breath and put it in again and got the xray. So she said my tooth was impacted and infected (that’s why I smell, my breath apparently) and it needs to come out, but have to wait for swelling to go down. So I was booked in for a week later and given antibiotics and ibuprofen.

My friends Amy and Becky decided to come down the next day for the night to cheer me up and brought my favorite cupcakes (soft food lol) it was just what I needed (the company …..but cake as well) I have a lot of close friendships in gym like Abigail etc but having close friends in a far away place who come to your aid in hard times means so much! I’m so grateful that I’ve so many great friends at home and in Thailand!
Anyway after a few days the swelling went down and the pain was almost gone! Yipeee
Then dentist day came!! Which was also the kings birthday 5th December. So everyone in the gym was going to fights in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi but I knew I wouldn’t be able to go 😦 So I arrive at the gym and Jun was taking me to dentist, the coconut ice cream man arrived and Pee A offered me ice cream then starts pissing himself laughing that I can’t have any, then proceeds to say he will take care and tries to spoon feed me ice cream! Lol

So I arrive at the dentist and it was a different lady doing the procedure. My mates were telling me it doesn’t hurt you don’t feel anything just the pulling feeling etc but she was like if you feel pain tell the dentist they will give you more injections to numb the area. So I was given a load of injections and then she was like I’ll test and because I was panicked I was like yea I can feel a bit, I just wanted as many Injections as possible lol!! So they start then there’s drilling, and do you ever get that feeling of extreme sensitivity in the dentist? I had fillings when I was a child with no injections as they weren’t deep but there was a bit of sensitivity pain. Well this was a lot of sensitivity pain I flinched a bit and I tried to explain it felt like biting down into ice? So that kept going on and I was flinching etc……then there was a pull and I jumped and my hand wacked off the tray over me!! W..T…F!! OOOWWWWWWWW!!! I was like omg! Jep! Jep!!!! (Pain) and my eyes started watering with tears. The dentist was like pressure ok and pushed down on my shoulder to explain, I was like eehh yea what about the pain with it! It was worse than the pain of the tooth in first place. So they probably gave me another injection I don’t know, then it seemed like forever she was pulling, drilling, pulling drilling she couldn’t get the tooth out I could here her huffing and puffing and giving out whilst I lay there sobbing my eyes out!! Now I’d just like to point out I’m a pretty tough girl! I know I have a high pain threshold, I’ve had all in all 17 fights I’ve had a lot of physio for various things…..I am tough! But god I cried!!! Then the dentist was like you are too tense I can’t get it out you need to relax! I’m like I’m fecking trying 😭😭 Then I think they went and called Jun in and he was telling me to relax and rubbing my legs and I’m just crying trying to take deep breaths, so it went on forever! I actually didn’t realise the moment it came out I think I was delusional. I kept thinking to just tell them to stop and I’ll book to be put to sleep to have it done!
Then I felt like string across my mouth as obviously they were stitching my mouth but I swear I lay there thinking they were tying string around my tooth as an alternative way to pull it out!!!! Hahaha then it was done, I was still weeping and the dentist said aload of stuff I didn’t really take in! They gave me ice and went out to wait for my medicine. Then Jun said so we come back friday, I swear my heart sunk and my lip started quivering ‘why!!???’ To get stitches out! Ooh ok!

So I got home one of the lads gets me tramadol as they just gave me normal paracetamol! Well I took loads and I was all over the place a couple of hours later but no pain so it felt nice! Went to Bangkok the next day went to the movies ate popcorn on the other side of my mouth and drank through a straw…..apparently things you are not supposed to do!!! Haha my stitches were disgusting! It looked like they had stitched my cheek to my gum and stitched around one of my teeth!! So I hoped they hadn’t actually done that!!

I went away on a teachers trip to Loei (which I’ll write a separate post about) the pain in my mouth got worse and worse! All I was doing the whole trip was counting down hours to take more painkillers, its made me realise how easy it is to accidentally overdose! Now I’ve had insomnia for over 10 years I’ve gone 4 days straight with no sleep before but I’ve never taken too many tablets to help me sleep no matter what shape I was in! There were a few times I wanted to take my whole bottle of Tylenol in one go! It was just horrible!

I got back late last night and went to the Dentist this morning! Got my stitches out and got antibiotics as ive an infection. The relief of having the stitches out was instant! I’m glad its all finally over now! Still a little pain but fine!

Everything about teeth and the dentist is horrible there’s a good reason why babies don’t remember teething! The poor things! Even though it was an impacted wisdom tooth and nothing I’d done myself I’m taking extra special care of my teeth from now on!!!



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