match ups in Thailand

I was thinking about this all day yesterday and even this morning so I decided to just write about it! Firstly I’m not a very good writer I don’t claim to be, I don’t have structure and sometimes my Grammar is bad! I’m sure people read this and think ‘eh she teaches English?’ lol but when I decided to write a blog it was just to talk about my life here as I would telling my friends! If you read this and you meet me you will realise that I write exactly the way I talk! which is why I think people who know me enjoy reading some of my posts as they can picture me saying it to them! that’s exactly how I want it! nothing serious just the madness of my life here!

That being said……A nasty meme went around Facebook yesterday about American fighter Sylvie von Dugglas-Ittu (I’m sure most people reading this know who she is as you came across my blog through her) haha thanks Sylvie 😉 Anyway it was a picture of Sylvie and it said ‘Thailand lock up all your 12 year olds with 5 fights Sylvie is coming for them!!!’ I was really pissed off when I saw it and unliked the page! Sylvie is (I think) 31 and she is a 45kg fighter… basically one of my legs!! haha
She has documented and wrote about every moment of her life, fights and training here in Thailand. Her aim was to have 100 fights and she has had so far 94!!!!!! which is just unbelievable for any foreigner never mind a female.
Now I don’t always agree with her views on certain topics she writes about, but that’s ok! discussion and debate is healthy, life isn’t so boring! We are entitled to our own say! It’s her blog she can say what she wants, if you don’t like it……don’t follow it! Ive never met her in person, just talked online but I do whole heartedly believe she is a genuine nice person! not only has she put her fight career under the microscope but she’s a big supporter of other female fighters. So anyway I was pissed off!!

At home I’d normally get at least a couple of months notice for a fight and I’d know who I was fighting. Here other than Angel fight, I’ve seen my opponent just before I’d entered the ring. My first fight in Thailand was in 2012 at a festival in Kanchanaburi. It was actually a big event and was televised but never mind that……I got KO’d in the 2nd round! Sparko, lights out, where am I?? Before this fight I’d had 5 pro fights at home and won them all! I never been knocked down or given an 8 count. I was in shock and to make matters worse I was told she was only 15!!!! FML! ! I was really upset, not that I lost but because I’d been KO’d by a 15 year old, I was 28! Pee a was like don’t worry! she’s had 40-50 fights since she was a baby! and that is how it is here! When you are a female fighting Thai’s here the majority are young!

The oldest I have fought was my last opponent Peach and she is I think 19! now thanks to genetics (and that I still dress like I’m in university) I can normally pass for early 20s. But I’m 30! back home I think I would feel very uncomfortable fighting an 18/19 year old, and I have friends who have turned down fights because they had a child the same age as their opponent!
Since becoming a teacher it’s something that has started to make me feel uncomfortable as the girls I have fought would still be at school! My opponent from the Queens birthday show was still at school, and I went into work on the Monday and looked at my students and felt a bit sick that I could have been beating up one of them! They are so small and innocent! But at the end of the day we choose what we do, regardless of the perception the west has of young fighters in Thailand, they choose to fight and enjoy it. There are of course downsides with how gyms treat their fighters but the fighters fight because they want to! and its something as a foreign female fighting here you have to expect especially if you’re older.

Sylvie is tiny so she will fight tiny girls! She’s also at a stage were she is the one with the experience so I highly doubt she would ever be matched with a girl with 5 fights. As much as I love the thai’s they will sooner stitch up a farang than one of their own!! (she’s had same amount of fights as you…..gets knocked out….aaaa well she’s had 50 fights) lol.

So in conclusion (see what I did there!) don’t talk about shit you don’t understand! Muay thai is full of respect, honour and good sportsmanship but man people in the muay thai community are always hating on each other! Where’s the love folks! Have a word with yourselves will ya!!



3 thoughts on “match ups in Thailand

  1. Thanks for writing this post, Kelly. It’s something I feel really strongly about as well and it has really bothered me. It’s really sad to see such behaviour amongst the Muay Thai community, let alone the females, as I think it’s really important that we all support each other. Alas, life doesn’t always work that way and the internet certainly doesn’t! I would find it very difficult to name many people who are as actively supportive and inclusive of the female Muay Thai community as Sylvie, so it was extremely disappointing to see members of the very thing she works so hard to feed, preserve and promote hitting back at her like that. Still, it’s great to read this post and see that there is some sense in it all! Again, thanks for writing and shedding some light on it all!

  2. Yes, thank you for this post! I’m so petite even at 34 yrs old my coach told me I would prob have to also fight teens as well just to find anyone in my weight class! Haha

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