Why I love Thai people

Now don’t get me wrong we have our moments for sure!! But on the whole there’s many reasons why I love Thai people but I wanted to talk about a few:
They LOVE food!! Never in my life have I come to a country where basically EVERYONE loves food! Their lives revolve around food! They are always hungry, and will eat whenever they want! None of this 12pm is lunchtime nonsense! Its 10:45 and I’m hungry I’m having my lunch!
This is my 3rd trip to Thailand and I’ve been here 10 months this time, I can’t think of one person that I’ve met who isn’t a big fan of food! I can’t even think of any thai that I know on a diet! And the ones who ‘think’ they are may lay off the kanom (sweets) but will still laden their food with sugar and salt!! Lol. Even fruit, fresh, delicious fruit has to be eaten with salt, chilli and sugar lol.
The teachers in my office everyday bring food in for everyone, from fruit that they grow at home, sweets, meat bread things, grilled eggs etc. Nearly everyday I’m handed something to eat! Its great haha
At home there’s loads of things I don’t like: parship, swede, I don’t like eating off the bone ( chicken wings not included) I don’t like lamb, duck, any kind of bean (except baked bean and green bean) Chinese food, any part of an animal thats not proper meat, liver etc,pot noodles, sandwiches….. I don’t like sandwiches….. right and the list goes on and on hahaha.
Thai people love everything Thai, there’s no dish they dont like they eat everything and of course they all love spicy food!! I’m still trying to find someone who doesn’t like spicy food!!…..like how do they live?? haha khao man gai everyday lol.
Now the other day I went to a fresh food market for the first time, the night market in Thamaka is all cooked, fried food etc. So I’m walking about theres loads of fresh vegetables, fish (some still alive) fruit, sweets and meat. At home if I walked into a butchers and there were flies all over the meat I’d walk straight out!! Here ya flick that fly off ‘ not a bother on ya’. Now where I appreciate and admire the love for food Thai people have they do……quite often……make me want to vomit in my mouth!! When I say they will eat anything I MEAN anything! Intestines, bum, feet, ears!!!!!!! Like what the fucking fuck fuck!??!!
Mama sometimes put chicken feet in the curries at the gym, when she does I can’t eat it at all (I can’t even take normal bits of chicken from it) it just repulses me! The first experience I had of it was a day before a fight, I was a bit late for dinner and when I sat down everyone had served themselves and there were just chicken feet left in the bowl. I got up went into my room and cried hahaha.
So anyway at this market, one of the teachers was buying duck intestines for her husband (he loves them…..barf). Then I see larb moo, my favourite dish, so I go to buy some. Beside the larb moo is the skin of a pigs head, as in perfectly skinned off, and there’s bits cut off to try!! BLEEEERGGH! then I see a student of mine with her mother buying chopped up pig ear, like that’s just rubberey mankiness I don’t understand lol. I know that these parts of the animal are very cheap, but the Thai’s actually love it! ……each to their own I guess!
They also when it comes to food remind me of Irish mammy’s (or Mrs Doyle from father ted) will you have more rice?? Ah you will! You will you will you will you will you will!! They want you full up and satisfied!!

Another reason I love Thai people is their respect and politeness towards everyone. Now again I’ve had a few instances (mostly with lady boys haha) but I find them as a race of people (especially where I live) to be very polite and respectful. The wai is so lovely, plus added bonus you don’t have to shake clammy sweaty hands lol children wai their elders, adults wai each other, everyone wai’s to monks and people of importance, even babies wai! It seems its one of the first things they are taught and its just adorable! Pornsanaes daughter focus is one and has been wai-ing a while lol.
Even at school, the naughty kids aren’t really naughty and they are still polite and respectable only mischievous at the same time!

Another reason (which some people may find odd) is their love and adoration for their King. Only people who have visited Thailand will understand what I mean. In Ireland we have no monarchy and don’t get me started on the government (but its no different here we are still in a ‘coup’) but in the UK we have the royal family. Now there is a large percentage of the UK population who love the queen. But there is also a very large percentage that don’t! Any holiday to do with the royal family is more excitement at getting the day off work etc. Here in Thailand its very hard to explain to people who have not been here, but they truely love him! If you look online of the do’s and donts in Thailand it will always say first never speak bad of or disrespect the royal family. In fact it’s against the law! A foreign man was actually jailed for 10 years for it. But its not the fear of jail for the Thai’s that makes them show love for him. In the cinema the national anthem is played before every movie you would never see a Thai sitting down during it!
On any holiday in general but referring to ones relating to the royals ( Queens and Kings birthday) there are huge celebrations! Schools do things, festivals are everywhere, people make great effort for the occasion. Its lovely to see!
One thing I’ll say (briefly …..as I’m scared!) I dread the day of the passing of the King. He was very Ill a couple of years back but seems to be OK now. I can’t even begin to imagine the state of mourning the country will be in when the time finally comes! I hope he lives to great age!

There are many other reasons aswell: their honest (often offensive) way of speaking ‘you are fat’ etc but that’s a whole post of its own lol 🙂


My favourite dish 'larb moo' spicy minced meat salad


Som tam


Noodle soup


Khao man gai


Some fried fish




Gai yang (grilled chicken)


An example of food i am given, grilled egg and sticky rice with coconut!


King Bhumibol Adulyadej


Baby Focus doing a wai at a temple


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