Angel fight extreme

I was going to wait until after my fight to write a post as its been awhile but i think it may be a very long one so ill do a before and after! So a while back i was told i would be fighting Peach Purahong, i didnt know who she was but all the thai’s kept saying ‘oooh beautiful fighter’ i was like eeh ok!? Then i found out that she was actually Thailands ‘beautiful fighter’ the most beautiful fighter in Thailand. Won a beauty contest and all i think through the world muay thai angels promotion.  World muay thai angels is a female only show there was a 57kg tournament where Chommanee was crowned the winner, she won alot of money and loads of publicity. She was then featured in a big spread in Muay Siam magazine which is kinda a big deal!!! However instead of standing there in fight pose with any belts she may have won she was jumping in the air like ‘yipeee’ all smiley and happy girly etc. I just thought aaaaww man why? Why cant the females be treated the same as the males? Now of course this is Thailand the homeland of muay thai where females cannot fight in the prestigious stadiums Lumpinee and Rajadamnern and can also not go near or touch the ring. For those of you who are not aware, this is all from belief/superstition that a female is bad luck. Which is why we must go under the bottom rope entering the ring.

Anyway that kind of girly portrayal of a fighter isnt me. Im not a dress up kind of girl, i never wear high heels (unless im wearing a dress at a wedding or something). So a couple of my friends mentioned that they thought i was fighting Peach on muay thai angels as the date of the fight was the same date the next muay thai angels event was on. So id go ask Pee A (Sitmonchai bossman) and hes like are you? I dont know haha. So it wasnt until i saw a post by Jade Sirisompan where she mentioned how excited she was to be reunited with the muay thai angels girls for the next event, and Peach was one of them so i was like aaaah ok im fighting on Muay Thai Angels! Which was really exciting its a big production so it would be my biggest fight to date, considering that Peach is  well known in Thailand. Straight away my mates are like haaaaa you have to wear makeup in your fight!!! I was like aaah give over would ya!! I will not be wearing makeup! They were adamanent that the girls all wore makeup at the last show, so freaking out i go and scroll through the photos of the Muay Thai Angels event and there ya go black smudges under the girls eyes after the fights! Well…….FOOK………THAT………SHIT!!! my eyesight is bad enough as it is without having a bit of mascara in my eye! NO WAY NUUH UUUHHH im not wearing mascara anyway!!!! I dont consider myself beautiful or anything im pretty average but by Thai standards i am (white as a ghost) ive said before i wonder if i was actually a bit hideous but was still really white with long blonde hair the thai’s would still consider me ‘beautiful’. Anyway Pee A would say you no beautiful you no fight muay thai angels, i became nervous as i didnt want to be seen like that! I really want to fight well and be seen as a good (maybe one day great) female fighter, i thought that i would not be taken seriously being involved in this beautiful fighter show. But as the days went on i just realised its just the way things are here! The thai’s are a nation obsessed with beauty, and being beautiful or putting on makeup for a fight doesnt mean you are taken less seriously as a fighter. At home god id be mocked by all the lads dressing up all girly for a photoshoot and id have the piss ripped out of me forever, but here the thai’s are like oooh really good beautiful!!! And thats it!

My best friend Felix was over in September to fight on Enfusion reality of the vixon in Koh Samui. Every day the photographer for the show would post pictures up of all the girls training and some modelly shots etc. Now Felix looked absolutely beautiful but we were discussing how embarrassing the whole thing was and she was telling me about it and i was cringing and just saying oooh god i couldnt do it id be so embarrassed! ! a couple of weeks ago Pee A says to me ‘Sunday you go studio in Bangkok for photos’ i started laughing and i was like are you serious!! He was all oohh yes lady really beautiful makeup……’eeeh do i have to go?’ ……’yes’. So i proceeded to feel sick!! Then i was thinking ok dont worry its probably just makeup and fight gear on doing poses. Relax relax!!! Then i get a phonecall from the woman organising the shoot, height, waist, bust, hip, shoe size!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh. I was actuallly sick with nerves! I hate having my photo taken, i especially hate any kind of straight on picture as i have a lazy eye and a squint which i feel really shows in photos! Ive had it my whole life so whatever but i much prefer to just pull faces or gurn in photos. So i was feeling very aprehensive about the whole thing. Then a couple of days before the shoot i got another call to verify my measurements and then the man asked me could i bring my own heels where which i replied BAH HAHAHAHA! !!! i dont wear heels, then i asked did i have to wear them, and he said yes its part of your outfit you’re wearing a dress…..F……M…….L!!!
So the day arrives Pee Chomp brought me to Bangkok and i was the first one there like literally! No crew noone was there! Aaahh Thai time haha. So people began to arrive and myself and Juliana (Rosa from Brazil) were the first girls there so we were the first for hair and makeup. The makeup team were all men and very funny! My makeup looked nice but man it was caked on and jasus they gave me some pair of eyebrows :-/. My hair i did not like! it was curled with tongs but the the front was all slicked back flat on my head! I thought it looked horrible. Then they give me my dress, a grey/silvery dress kinda babydoll style (if that is the correct word) anyway i put it on grand whatever, deep breathes kelly! Deep breathes! They give me shoes……nope cant wear them too high! So give me smaller ones and im up first…..FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCK!!
OOOOOOHHH the embarrassment so im there trying to remember all those episodes of Americas Top Model how to look skinny (i even googled on my way to the studio ‘how to look skinny in photos’ chin up, one foot forward hand on hip). So im standing there all awkward and they are like ‘we want you to look innocent, angelic and naive’. Ummmmmmm so they tell me to do a few poses and one fella who was very camp was like posing all these looks at me to copy! I was just laughing!! Then i could feel myself going red from embarrassment and they bring a fan in front of me. Yep thats not going to help this dying feeling i have inside!!  Then he comes over with his ipad showing me pictures and tells me i look like Drew Barrymoore and wanted me to pose like her………Finally after about a million photos i was done then i had to change into fight gear for more pictures but those were ok….maybe….i think….i dont know!. So only 2 other foreigners were there Juliana and Irene, we were all wearing versions of the same style dress (although i do think i got the best of a bad bunch!). Then Peach gets her outfit…..leather leggings, leather jacket,  stilletoes. Imagine sandy at the end of Grease! Eeeeh what the hell!!! So i was like eeeh why do the thais get to wear all nice normal clothes and the lady was like we have different styles for everyone i cant say. Eeh different styles for the thai’s and the farang were just put in some random girly dresses. Dunnapha was made look like a sexy school girl, Saifah was in all like cool hiphop style with a beanie, lommanee who is a ‘tom’ (a lesbian who sees herself as male etc) was given mens clothes shirt tie etc and looked real cool. I was just like aaah here its all about the Thai’s whatever get me out of here haha. So far ive seen 2 photos of me on social media and well i think i look quite bitchy/attitude in them so thats ok i suppose.

Training wise im feeling good and strong!! (Although these last couple of days im dead haha) its been over a year since ive had a weigh in fight, and its hard here! my calf tear injury is still not fully healed but i dont think it will cause me any problems on the day. Kru Dam had been sick for around a week so id lost my padman, whenever Dam isnt here i always get this feeling like none of the trainers wanted to pad me! I couldnt understand why! Im good on pads and strong! Other girls that have been and gone have trained with different padmen but i just got this feeling! Well turns out i was right! Not that they didnt want to but apparently they are scared!!…….of Kru Dam! Hes gives out to trainers when they pad me, like what they should be doing etc and is just very particular about how im trained. Which im so glad to hear as i thought it was personal towards me! Now i know i think its hillarious and love him a little bit more.  I did some training with Pornsanae whilst Dam was off, which was great but he complained i was ‘no lady’ and needed his arms massaged after holding pads for 3 rounds! A great compliment to me :). You know how everyone holds pads differently but some people just hold them so that your punches and kicks hit the spot perfectly! And theres this huge BOOM! when you hit the pads and you feel like a total badass! Well thats what it was like hitting with Pornsanae……i felt like Pornsanae haha.
Mentally for the first time in Thailand ive been feeling a bit nervous and pressure on me to fight well. Of course this pressure is all from me (and a bit from Pornsanae haha). Its a big show and i feel like for me its my chance to show what im about! Get my name out there so i really want to do well! Also im the first girl to have a big fight for Sitmonchai (the first to even have a check weight fight) so i really want to do well for the gym. Also not purposely i know but Pornsanae (who by the way always speaks the truth about everything ‘you fat…you skinny’ etc ) keeps saying stuff to me, first he’d be joking saying ‘you have 2 options 1 win, 2 die ‘ (ie he will kill me) ok thanks! Then im hitting pads this week im dying and im tired and inbetween rounds hes giving me water and saying ‘you win fight you big name, peach big name etc you beat her really good’ ‘ if you dont hit with power ill be angry’ aaahh ok ok ill do my best!!!!  But i know its because he cares and has big faith in me! Ive never cared what people think about me as a fighter except my trainers and to do my gym proud! But i know out of everyone he is the one that will speak the truth! I feel like im out to prove myself in this fight. But im feeling good im excited and i cant wait for the show! At the end of the day they can dress me up in frilly dresses and heels, do my hair and makeup but it wont change the way i fight! Im not a beautiful fighter…… im Irish! I stand and bang! And on monday i hope to show what us Irish girls are all about!! 🙂

see you on the other side 😉






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