Living the dream……isn’t always a dream

Well its been all quiet on the Thailand front!! ……..and boring! I feel like im constantly moaning all the time, maybe I am but im not happy at the moment. Two weeks ago I was hitting pads with our new trainer Bon and after a double kick I heard (felt) a rip in my left calf muscle. The pain was excruciating! The thai trainers thought it was a cramp! They were trying to massage it and I was trying to explain it wasn’t a cramp! It felt like a tear. I couldnt walk, which obviously was a problem! The only way to move was on my tiptoes which was painful but bearable.
For 6 days I was in pain all day even resting it hurt and my leg swelled up to my thigh. I was totally miserable, to top it off huge problems with the kittens. Something ive come to realise living in Thailand (although not just Thai’s other people aswell) is its like you are expected to mind read!!! Noone ever tells you anything straight! Anyway I had to take the cats from the gym to my room, which was easier at first as I was injured and not training, I could just feed etc at mine instead of going to the gym. So I bought a box and litter and they used it straight away no problem! But Ive decided even though ill be sad, I have to rehome them, they cant stay in my small room (and I dont think it will work at the gym anymore) and they are destroying it!! Yea they might use the litter box but they are ripping my clothes scratching things and running around everywhere! Especially In the middle of the night…….over my face!! So im feeling shitty because of an injury, pissed off at people for not talking straight to me, the cats are driving me insane and destroying all my stuff and im getting less sleep than I do normally which is not alot (but they are just acting like cats) but ill be so upset giving them away! Although ive been trying but noone wants a cat :-/ Ive been feeling alone and just want to go home!!

But I know this is a phase and one im sure many people go through. Living the dream isnt always a dream! Especially being injured here in Thamaka, I suppose I should be thankful I at least have a job to occupy me but well the job sucks alot aswell!! So no training, on my own in my room, no tv (well 5 thai channels) no wifi, just watching movies, reading, eating shit feeling sorry for myself lol. Im also at a point now where im beginning to just hate all thai food! People who know me well will understand what a problem this is for me, especially when theres not much here but thai food haha. I went to Bangkok last weekend, by Saturday I could walk flat on my foot with just a little bit of pain if I flexed the muscle wrong, it was like a breathe of fresh air! Nice food, my friends apartment is lovely! Just chilling out eating good food and went to the cinema. I have to move to Bangkok in March as I cant continue working at my school due to the agency! im leaving them the second I get a chance!! But ive always felt apprehensive about that time coming, as I love Sitmonchai so much, I love my trainer Kru Dam and lots of people at the gym! Pee A and his family have been so good to me, they are family! I cant imagine and dont want to train anywhere else! But now I am looking forward to living in a normal place, a COMFORTABLE BED, no fear of giant centipedes crawling out of my drain, access to any food I want! Eating clean will be easier! And just doing normal stuff you cant do here! But I wont get the training or treatment I have gotten here so I need to make the most of my time and snap out of this rut!

Ill be going back training next week which is a start! I decided to just totally rest my leg as much as possible, then ill start back boxing and see how I go from there! Im fighting Peach Purahong on October 26th, its my first check weight fight, and shes a well known name on the female muaythai circuit so its an exciting opportunity for me so I need to start preparing for that!
Also my best friend Felix is on her way to Thailand as I write this!!!! Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am to see her, couldnt have come at a better time if you ask me! Shes off to Samui to star in Enfusion victory of the vixon reality tv show. Shes going to be competing against some of the best girls in the world! Im so frigging proud of her!! So shes there for 2 weeks then im meeting her in Bangkok for a weekend before she goes home! 🙂

So in school news! We had sports day last week, or sports days I should say! 3 days for sports day!!! WTF?!! aah man I would have loved that at my school! Well jasus! Olympics eat your heart out!! I was blown away! The first day was a proper opening ceremony. The costumes were beautiful! I asked if they were all students here as some of them you would not recognise!! Hair, makeup, wigs the works! And thats just the boys!! Hahaha I just love that here theres no issue with boys dressing up for something loads wearing makeup! Ive noticed theres a few possible ladyboys at school, well theres a lot! And its totally embraced by everyone!! One in a proper gown wig high heels the works hahaha. So funny! So the school was spilt into 4 teams, green, red, purple and blue. Each team had like an opening performance to do with a theme. Wow! Wow! The green team were straight away my favourite! Under the sea theme and used loads of songs from the little mermaid!! It was brilliant! And the dancing oh my god the dancing!! When I wasnt laughing my head off my mouth was wide open in shock!! I actually cant even describe the way Thai people dance but people who know will understand!!! It was that x10! Ha and twerking……actual twerking that is so inappropriate to be doing in front of the school director and teachers!! But they were all roaring laughing thinking it was hilarious! I had no words!! Was very entertaining!!
Teaching wise my M1 class have gotten worse! There are 17 boys and 3 of them listen! Im at a point where I just hate teaching them, and then I feel bad as most of the girls want to learn! They will huddle around my desk asking questions and doing their work, today I saw a piece of paper in one of the girls books ‘ I LOVE TEACHER KELLY’ haha bless! Also I never thought id ever say this especially when I think back to myself at school, but I love bumping into my students outside school! They always come up to me and talk in English which I think is great and ill always ask them questions what are they doing, where are they going? And hearing them just chat English to me!

So on the whole its been a rubbish couple of weeks lots of emotions coming out etc but the only way is up right! So hoping for things to get better and more importantly my mood!! Hopefully getting back training will solve alot of it!


Cupcakes and prosecco in Bangkok





Some pictures my colleague Jesse took of some of the students in tne sports day opening ceremony!!


6 thoughts on “Living the dream……isn’t always a dream

  1. Hey Kelly,

    I definitely know how you feel here, I think I got to this point at around the six-month mark of being here. I used to work for a terrible agency at a government school, too (an all boys one, at that! Their sports day shows were just as awesome, though) and had the same feelings at times. I absolutely loved the students and the work, but it was stressful. There were also times when just everything got me on top of me – loneliness being a big factor! It can be really tough when you don’t have family and friends around you and even little things like not being able to have little home comforts like certain foods or activities can really get you down. The good thing is, there is so much choice in Bangkok! Let me know when you get here and perhaps we can meet up! Also, I’m glad to hear you’re fighting Peach, I used to train with her and I’d be excited to see that match. Do you know where it is? I’d love to come and watch if I can.

    • hey emma!
      yea knowing other people go through the same is good to hear (even though that sounds bad haha) I’m here 9months now but I’ve been teaching 5 months! I don’t move up til march but definitely yes we should meet up! i can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss cutting weight for fights and feeling skinny hahaha
      so i wont complain at all for this one! 😊 I’m not sure where it is yet but a few people have asked me so I’ll post details when I know!

      I’m happy with the match up as hopefully it will get my name out a bit more too! been struggling to get fights recently!

      • It doesn’t sound bad, we need to know we’re not the only ones going through this stuff! That’s why blogging is so awesome 😉 Definitely keep me updated, please! I will try and make it to the fight and although it’s ages away that you’re actually moving here, we’ll work something out when you do.

        I know what you mean about missing cutting weight and training, etc. We always seem to want what we can’t have. When I’m here and training non-stop for too long, I miss home and just having a normal life, then when I do go home once a year, it only takes a few days before I’m going out of my mind for not training and feeling like a fat blob! Haha.

  2. Kelly I just came across your post via Facebook feed. Anyway, I run a small Muay Thai gym in England. I just wanted to empathise with ur situation having trained in Thailand as well, furthermore having endured (more recently)! injuries. Injuries absolutely suck end of! Has effected me in a number of ways i.e. stopping training for a while, very restrictive clinching, abandoning trip to thailand etc. etc. wait it out is probably all u can do, but where possible train round ur injuries where u can I think is sound advice. In fact u don’t have to train to learn or develop just now, maybe watch more fights, you tube etc. watch all the fighters in the gym, network with more in the muay thai community. When you are back to full fitness you will no doubt appreciate more than ever being able to train … If you have the ability and vision to heal and train once more that in itself could be regarded as a gift ….. and then appreciate every day in the gym based on the fact you were simply able to train. Most of all try not to feel down … you may even look back one day and view your experience right now as an essential part of your learning and an essential albeit stumbling block on ur road to greatness … peace out

    • thank you! to be honest just writing about it helps and talking to people who go through similar things! it seems (physically) doing nothing for 2 weeks has done a world of good for my recovery. So next week Ill be doing what I love!( well boxing anyway) everything can’t be plain sailing eh!! part of life 😊

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