The Queens birthday fights

Well as I said in my previous post everything seemed to be going wrong training for this fight! but all of it my own doing! Firstly I got some kind of tummy bug the week of the fight, I was in bits I even called in sick to work. My stomach was so tender to touch I was just thinking I’m gonna get kneed or teeped and I’ll shit myself!!! Thankfully the day before my fight my stomach finally felt back to normal! Then they was my shin, I did a visa run to Laos in a minivan a month ago and my legs swelled very badly! I seem to suffer terribly from water retention. Anyway after the trip I was left with a fluid lump on my left shin, it didn’t hurt it was just there! when I hit pads it would go down a bit. Two days before my fight the lump became tender and sore and seemed to have gotten bigger…..GREAT!! I’ve gone into fights with niggling injuries before but I think because i was feeling rubbish anyway it made it worse! I was gonna shit myself and my shin would burst open lol! So Dam and Pnae were like OK maybe no fight, no good! eeh feck…. right…! I didn’t go through all this feeling rubbish for nothing haha! I didn’t feel fit and didn’t feel on form but I still had heart and like every fight I would fight with all my heart! and only a fighter will understand still, and it was heart that won me my fight!
I don’t believe in luck in fact I hate when people say to me ‘you’re so lucky’ how am I lucky exactly? luck has nothing to do with it! Sacrifice, determination and guts to follow your heart and we create our own ‘luck’.
Back home I have a pre fight ritual I eat certain foods I watch certain movies (kung fu panda). This fight was different to all my others even in Thailand! I didn’t even feel like I was fighting even when I got my hair done, and I read all day, didn’t watch any movies!
When we headed to the fights I was surprised that it was a well organised event! not a festival show in a field! So I was happy with that! I saw my opponent and she was the biggest Thai I’ve fought to date, but I felt grand I always get butterfly nerves/excitement beforehand but I was calm and ready to fight. Except I really needed a poo! haha and we are in Thailand at a show and of course there are squat toilets! I’ve gotten to the stage where I can’t even wee in a squat toilet, I feel stressed and then I can’t go! I have never! ever! pooed in one. But it was that or as above, possibly shit myself in my fight! Safe to say it was a stressful, tiring experience that I don’t want to do again! Poo before you leave home! haha
Now I’ve not told anyone this until now mainly because well I still don’t think I’m a great fighter….I’m alright and I have a lot of heart! Well for around two weeks I just had this feeling I would win by elbow stoppage I don’t know why I felt this but my reasoning to myself was… it would be typical when I don’t think I’ve trained my hardest and I’m not on form I’ll win by KO whereas other times when I train my ass off and fight the best of my abilities I’ll lose or whatever. I know its stupid but its weird that I felt this and well it actually happened!
My opponent was good and tough! and also a southpaw which I was delighted with because of my shin I was blocking with my other leg. I think I blocked all her kicks, but she was quick and she had lovely straight knees. So far I’ve only seen rounds 3 and 4 but I could tell early on my boxing and elbows hurt her, I threw so many elbows (that actually landed) she took so many on the face and head! I could see by the end of round 3 she was hurting so round 4 my corner told me what to do and I did exactly that! It was such a great feeling I was really happy! I got tipped by the gamblers as well which was cool! My shin pretty much burst in the fight haha it was only a small cut and the swelling went down a bit and it doesn’t really hurt now hahaha.
9 of us from Sitmonchai fought on the same day at 4 different locations 7 wins 6 were KO! That’s a good day at the office!
But as with every fight its a learning curve, I’ve so much to work on and regardless of the result on Saturday I never want to feel like that going into a fight again! I love fighting so I want to show that in my training and preparation aswell!

In other news adding to my bad form my kittens were sick, their hair was falling out and their skin was flaking off! Every time I looked at them I started to cry! Kru Juab brought me to the animal hospital with them, severely malnourished and allergy dermatitis! I felt terrible, I’ve really tried to do everything right but they were starved! The vet gave me advice and medicine and now over a week later they are in flying form I’m so happy! but before this unfortunately I had a horrible day where they were gone! One of the Thai’s (Kongfah) tried to get rid of them! I showed up after work and they were gone! we looked everywhere but they were so tiny I knew they would not go anywhere themselves! I literally bawled my eyes out!! I got on my bike and went home crying! I’d been hand feeding them for a month I took them (and paid money myself) to the vet, I was heartbroken! Then I get a call and they were ‘found’ Kru Juab went mental when he saw me leave crying, roaring at Kongfah! Then they ‘appear’ well I hate his guts now and I’ll never speak to him again!

Now Kru Dam! Kru Dam! Kru Dam! I could tell stories of him all day!! He likes to ‘test my IQ’ in pads by pretending to speak or look at someone outside of the ring! when I turn to look as well he smacks me around the face with the pad and says ‘IQ’ haha. I’ve copped on now and I won’t turn and I’m like aaahh haaa IQ REALLY GOOD!!! it reminds me of that friends episode ‘oonagie….aahh salmon skin roll’ hahaha. Pnae swears loads in thai and English! One morning I heard Kru Dam walking around saying ‘fuck off’ ‘fuck off’ haha I was like DAM!?? Then told him the Thai equivalent of fuck off! well he was like ‘ooohhh no! no good!!… minute!….my memory! Kelly tell Kru Dam fuck off many times!’ Hahahaha busted!! I said it was OK because I’m Irish! I said Ireland OK! but anywhere else not OK! haha I tell him to fuck or feck off all the time! lol but only in jest! ya know how we all talk in Ireland lol 🙂

Finally on a school note! the kids are still driving me mad the agency are still useless but my colleagues crack me up! They are a funny lot! The other day someone was making a sign for a broken door ‘DO NOT OPEN, NOT WORKING’ or something like that! Two of the teachers looked at the computer and were like ooh no! hahaha they thought it was the computer!! well I nearly fell off my chair laughing!


nice elbow shot!


and another


wai to my corner after my win


Dam, me, mbk promoter Bom, Pnae, Juab and Jun after my win!!


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