A lesson lived is a lesson learned

Well ive not written in a while! Not much has been going on at the moment, nothing interesting anyway! Im learning the hard way about a few things here and well its a live and learn senario! First of all to ANYONE coming to Thailand to teach for the first time DONT USE AN AGENCY!! I have been so stressed and upset with how they have been dealing with me. I was initally going to walk into my school and ask for a job but I saw an advert on a page on facebook so I just responded. I dealt with a nice fella from Scotland I met him for the interview and he was upfront and honest with me! He said they are not the best agency but they do what they are meant to and you get paid! In my contract it stipulated that I had to pay 10,000 baht over 5 months as security for not breaking out of the contract and when I left the agency I would get the money back. I was a bit iffy about this but no matter how they have acted I do believe ill get my money back! Otherwise me and few of my thai brothers will make a trip to the agency office lol. Anyway I was also getting paid the minimum ‘farang’ wages 30000 baht a month, plus no pay in the holidays (I know I know) but all I was thinking was the school is beside Sitmonchai it was a perfect situation for me! Now the thai’s always ask how much money you earn etc which I find a bit awkward! I know what I get paid is a lot for a thai but they forget that everything costs more for us! I honestly dont know how they survive on the wages they get! I am to put it frankly struggling!!

I live in a privately owned apartment building, which means (and I didnt know this) that they set higher rates for bills etc, my first month my electricity bill was 1400 baht, which at home is just amazing but here its extortionate!! I work all day then I go straight to the gym, I train, I have dinner and normally head home between 9-10pm. A fellow teacher of mine who lives in a house has a kitchen (which I dont) and air con etc and would be home far more than me would have a bill of around 500-600 baht a month! So now I rarely use the aircon only to cool the room a bit for 5-10 minutes because im worried about my bill!
Of course if I didnt have to pay for training id have more money of course! But that is the reason Im here in thailand in the first place so im not complaining at all about that its a necessity for me 🙂 I had to do a visa run to Laos for my non-b visa which cost me altogether nearly 7000 baht! so all in all I cant survive comfortably on my salary as a thai boxer/teacher! For the next 2 weeks im on 40 baht a day! Which is kinda miserable!

Now back to the agency they have caused me nothing but stress! I had to contact them and ask them to open the bank account they were meant to do for me, then my visa run they were supposed to organise all the documents which they did last minute then wanted me to travel to (and find) their office before my 9 hour bus journey to Laos. They should have forwarded all the documents to the school. Then my salary, all the teachers get paid at the end of the month, my contract states ill be paid on the 1st but no later than the 3rd! Which always sucks that everyone gets paid days before you! Well my last pay, on the 3rd I still wasnt paid. I had no money and even though I was hoping that they wouldnt pay me (because it would be a breach in contract and I could break out of it) I still had no money (now of course people offered to lend me some but its not the point). I had no credit so I emailed the Scottish fella asking him to call me. Everytime I called him to ask a question about my visa or anything he would say ‘thats not my area’ eeeh well what exactly is your area mate im slightly confused! So he tells me he left the agency as he didnt like how they were running the business but if I ever needed help finding a new school in Bangkok to call him! Yea THANKS! I put the phone down and sobbed! I checked my account 3 times that day and I was eventually paid at like 9pm that night! WTF like who gets paid at a random time like that!! Uuuugghhh
So the school is really unhappy with the agency aswell and when the year is over they are leaving the agency! Oooh and it also states that when I finish with the agency I cant work for any school under the agency for 5 years or ill be fined 200,000 baht!!! Cant see that happening but the school have said if I left and worked somewhere else for a year and then come back! Which is nice and they said id get more money aswell. So basically im going to have to leave Thamaka after the school year and go to Bangkok, where I can earn more money! But I dont want to think about it yet as I dont want to leave Sitmonchai 😦

Anyway enough of the moaning! School is grand! I do enjoy teaching! The kids make me laugh but drive me crazy at the same time! Most of my M1 class love me (theres a few boys who I dont know why are in the English program at all as have no Interest in English or my classes) but they always look over the balcony everyday waiting for me to drive up to the building and shout and wave to me which is cute!! However one day……..one day when I was happy wearing my favourite work outfit, one of the girls asked me if I was pregnant!? Wtf I nearly cried! Ive not worn that skirt since! Haha
Everytime I go to the little shop on campus the ladies are so nice they (and most people here) say how im beautiful which is very kind when in fact ive never felt more ugly lol. One morning I went in for some chicken and iced coffee and she told me the amount in thai and I gave her the exact amount, well she was so impressed! Haha talking to another lady saying id given the right about! Yes lol I know my thai numbers 🙂

So some training talk! The Queens birthday is coming up in August which is a national holiday here, myself and Hannah are fighting in Kanchanaburi on the 9th and Maggie on the 12th in Bangkok! I would have loved us all on the same show but im glad im fighting! So ive stepped up training from last week and I can feel it in my body today! The training ache ive missed so much! One thing I miss so much from home is strength training! Waking up the next morning, you cant walk or sit on the toilet haha I miss that! Signs of a tough training session! Dam always says to me (and everyone he trains, except the thai’s) you tired? Power no power no problem! As he likes to work on technique alot aswell! I turned around to him on Saturday and said YES big problem!! I want power! Same same Pnae! Haha he was like ooh ok but I look and you tired! And I said yea I dont care I want power power so he blasted me In pads and my arms and hands ached after hahaha but its what I want 🙂 Im looking forward to getting into the ring again 🙂
Ive been doing loads of clinch the last few weeks so on Friday and Saturday I did technique. On friday I sparred with my clinch buddy Dtat hes a tiny little thing but hes a powerhouse and so fast so I like it as I have to counter and react fast! I never block kicks in technique I dont purposely not block Im too slow haha I need to work on that the most! On Saturday Dam said I was doing technique with Pon, everyone was like oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahaha i knew straight away I was in trouble. Pon is 14 and about 6ft tall and all limbs! He also doesnt train or fight at all! He had 3 fights in the past and lost them all by KO. Hes no interest in fighting at all, but hes always play fighting with the boys and kicks them around the back of the head effortlessly! So straight away I was like maaaaaaan hes gonna kick me in the face!! WELL Dam and Kongfah were In my corner and Pornsanae in his! Holy hell!!! To say I got battered is an understatement! I got him a few times with bodyshots and low kicks but well I can only be kicked in the head so many times repeatedly lol I actually cried a bit through the laughter of being schooled so badly. I got bruised and scrapped around my eye! I lose KO no good! Haha im not doing technique with him again lol

Oooh and I how could I forget something that has been taking up all my time!! Kittens! We found 3 abandoned kittens in the gym! Around 2 weeks old and the cutest little things! Myself and hannah have been taking care of them, feeding them with a syringe and cleaning them. Everyday id have a little fear that they would be dead but they get stronger everyday and are eating more! I cant wait for them to be bigger so they can just roam around as they please! They cried so much the first few days and everyone complained but im such a sucker for animals! They were just calling for their mum! 😦 Olion has been keeping near them all the time but i dont think he wants to eat them, i thinks hes taking care! If they run towards him he freaks out and falls backwards on himself! Soo funny this big dog being scared and the kittens have no fear at all!! Pee A also got 2 chihuahua puppies they are the same as one of my mums, 2 little balls of fluff!! Soo cute and cuddly even though I hate small dogs! Dogs, cats, birds, chickens, rabbits, geckos…….rats haha got a little farm going on at Sitmonchai 🙂








                                                                                                                                            Pocky & Bebo



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