Bipolar teacher Kelly

So first I thought id write a little on this coup happening here at the moment! Ive had lots of friends and family contact me asking if im ok. Well the only effect the coup has had on me and everyone else here, was the 7/11 closed early!!!! And a few shows at lumpinee and raja were cancelled because of the curfew. The army have taken over our local police station but they are just sitting outside doing nothing ( so exactly what the police were doing). Thats it! Obviously there is some serious shizz going down in bangkok, but I still dont know everything about the red shirts/yellow shirts so im not commenting. However this has been going on since I arrived in Thailand lots of protests and violence, it got better and more isolated, then it got worse again. Who knows how long this will go on for! But the curfew has now changed to 00:01-04:00 so thats grand for me but obviously lots of businesses etc have been effected by the curfew!

In school I feel like I have bipolar!! One day I love my M1 class the next I want to throttle them, then I love my M3 then they piss me off so much I want to sit and not teach them anything!!! Lets get one thing straight!! When I was at school I had a phone, a big fat brick nokia, I never brought it to school but if you did and were caught with it you would be in so much trouble!! My students, M3 particularly (15 year olds) openly sit on their phones, with earphones in listening to music. My 1st few days id stare at them and say nothing until they got the hint to put it away! But WTF!! and I dont believe they do it in their thai classes either I think they do it with the farang and philipino teachers only. I find it so rude and disrepectful I cant get my head around it! I STUPIDLY forgot the cardinal teacher rule on my 1st day……..classroom rules. Now im paying the price. That all being said 26 out of my 29 M3 students listen and do all their work (they’ll just answer their phone when it rings, and put earphones in doing work) they use their phones alot for translation which I dont mind as they are trying to work things out in English at least.
So my M1 class, 11 year olds, full of energy and really loud but I love them! The boys are really noisy but at the same time they are competing for my attention, they all look at me in awe and want my praise, I find it really endearing I have the most giggles with that class. They love the game ‘fruit salad’ so when they behave I let them play, changing it to the new vocabulary they learnt!
My M2 class are…….a……..fucking nightmare!!! 36 students I cannot get them to listen or be quiet, in every class I have one student who is like my ‘best mate’ and roars at the class to be quiet. In this one I have a lad and he’ll roar at the class even if he was one of the ones talking! Lol. I feel bad because there are students who want to learn and also they love standing up and reading for me, but I cannot get them all to listen and im sick of shouting for an hour and 40 minutes!!
Then my M3 class, they are generally really good, they arent noisy and always do their work and want to do it right, they are very competitive with each other in games which is so funny. There is a little attitude on a couple of them but not at me personally just in general I think, but i like teaching them and i can interact with them well in English. HOWEVER the other day they saw the angry side to teacher Kelly! I get them to swap worksheets alot and mark each others work, and I was checking over some grammar work the other day and one of the boys wrote this on his friends worksheet.

First of all it doesnt even make sense, and secondly im all for a bit of comedy especially if its English and makes sense! But this makes no sense and as far as im concerned the word rape is not to be used in a joking matter! Especially in school and in reference to a teacher!! I was so pissed off when I saw it.
The next day I was still really mad, and obviously im a new teacher and I have so much to learn. Well I went Into the class like a bull, wrote the words rude and disrepectful on the board and asked the students to tell me what they meant. I then gave examples, like talking on your phone in MY class, going on facebook in MY class, listening to music in MY class. I told them if i caught them on their phones, id take them til the end of the day. Then I got the worksheet out and went to the boys and asked who wrote it!! They all shook their heads!! I knew then it was in fact the quietest and possibly smartest boy in the class. I got so angry and said if they ever wrote anything like that again disrespecting me id have them up in front of the director! Then one of the girls asked me if I was ok!  NOOOOOOOO and I turned and wiped the board as my voice went shaky!! I was like shit shit!!! Whats wrong with me LOL. So I definitely need to work on not taking things to heart. 

I went to the gym after and I was in bad form, then I couldnt find my waterbottle and some new farang was using my gloves!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Actually drives me INSANE!!!! Now ive said before the thai’s are welcome to use my gloves or shinguards etc. But foreigners should bring training gear with them! Dont pick up a decent pair of gloves and assume they are for the taking!! Im usually very happy in the gym, so Pornsanae was giving out that he wasnt happy because I wasnt happy, and Dam was giving out to me aswell. I was like im grand I go sleep, tomorrow…. im ok lol.

I feel lazy in training at the moment, im still training! but I dunno I feel like my technique is slipping a bit so I need to crack on. Im settled in work now so ill start running again next week. Ive been doing loads of boxing sparring with Pnae, I dont know if its because im good, or that he just loves hitting me (probably the latter haha), but man we have some wars!!!!! The other day (of course it is no comparison in the slightest as im rubbish) but I felt like I was in the famous fight between him and Pakorn, we were wacking each other blow for blow for ages!!! I couldnt see! It was so funny! We were both dying after and i woke the next morning and the left side of my jaw hurt hahaha it was great though, I can never be in a bad mood around him! His positive energy just rubs off on you, even when im purposely trying to be mad ha. Ive noticed aswell theres no holding back with me anymore in the clinch! I always knew they did of course because i wouldnt have a hope but now if Pee A sees one of them going light on me hes like heeeeyyy its kelly!!! POWER Hahaha

Last weekend we went to Sai Yok national park, most of the foreigners went and Tia, Jimme, Pon, Dat, Note, San, Muu and Pnae and his family. San has been excited for ages to go so i was delighted he came, but I knew it would be an interesting day with Muu there. Hes so funny and cheeky as hell. I have such a great relationship with all the boys but Muu is always testing the lines to see how far he can push me. I go along with it jokingly because I know in the end he’ll back down (last night I was leaving the gym to go home and he got on the back of my bike in just his pants holding his Man U duvet saying he was coming home with me! So I started the bike up and started to drive off….woooooo Wait! Wait Wait!!!! Hahahaha). Anyway i already knew that in the company of lots of thai’s, a woman doesnt wear a bikini, I wouldnt have anyway even if I could because we were climbing around and jumping of the small cliffs around the river. Well good job anyway, 1 girl in the water with all those boys haha I was nearly drowned by them all pulling and tugging at me hahahaha but it was a brillant day so much fun. The boys were just in their element! It was great seeing them have fun and play outside the gym! I cant wait to go back there again!!


                                                                                                                                        A beautiful waterfall


                                                                                                                                    Jimme, Muu and Pon


                                                                                                                                          Lub lub lub ♥♥


                                                                                                                                        Me and all the boys


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