Attachments in the gym and my 1st week as teacher Kelly

I havent written for a while and lots to talk about! Last Saturday I recieved sad news! There are 15 active thai fighters in the gym and 6 trainers (3 of which occasionally still fight) I am older than 16 of them (including 2 trainers) but its the 7 youngest that I am very close to and they are like my little brothers. I love them to bits and I cant imagine them not being around at the gym.  I think one of the reason why i dont feel homesick, is the family atmosphere in the gym and that i have all these ‘little brothers’ keeping me occupied and entertained. Aup and Deat are two of the youngest and they both went home to Issan in April to visit their families. When Aup told me he was going home I was like ‘noo you cant go!! Ill miss you! Whose going to take care of us!?’ Hes such a good boy, and very talented. There is, as in all gyms, a pecking order and as he is the youngest he has to do everything! But he never complains, hes so respectful of his elders and is just a little dote. Anyway he laughed and promised he will come back so I was like ok ok!

So I had a rubbish training session last Saturday, and I accidentally offended my trainer Kru Dam. My thai vocabulary is getting better but its mostly swear words haha and me and Pornsanae have slagging matches with each other most days, its entertainment for the whole gym and everyone has a laugh! So I learnt a new swear word and told Dam, as soon as I said it I thought shit!!! I shouldnt have said that and immediately regretted it, but the damage was done he wasnt happy at all!!! I apologised straight away and said it was a joke, but he wasnt happy. So I was a bit upset (with myself) that id offended him, I apologised and there was nothing more I could do, so I guess he’d be mad at me for a few days. ( he ignored me for 4 days, and didnt pad me, kept making sly remarks, it was all a joke but ive still learnt my lesson! We made a pinky truce last night). Then after training I was sitting on the mats, Jun was doing weights by the mirrors and Kongfah was sitting on one of the situp benches. Abigail came over and told me that Aup was not coming back to Sitmonchai! I immediately started to cry!! She was upset aswell, she is like a mother to the boys here! They absolutely love her to death, and she loves them, and even though she was upset, because there are so many people coming and going through the gym she said she forgets that some of the more long term foreigners here also get attached to the boys. So I nearly set her off crying again. I couldnt believe it. I dont really know the ins and outs but his family wont send him back he wasnt making enough money for them, so I guess they are going to make him work up there :(. Kongfah was like what! What? Abigail told him and he was like oh (not that bothered) and asked if id cry if he left! NOOO!! Jun made fun of me a bit, I guess its common for this to happen in gyms fighters come and go, sometimes they come back years later. But I never expected this to happen, I always thought these boys will be here in my life! I dont know when/ if ill see him again, I really miss him.

In other news after 6 months of not working, I finally started my teaching job! My first 2 days were just teachers and I was given the coursebooks etc. All the teachers in my department are really nice, so I know I am going to enjoy working there.  Im teaching M1, M2 and M3. Well, now my first week is over and oooooh man! Ill never be short of entertainment ill tell you that! My classes are big 29-35 and twice a week they have a double period which is 1 hr 50 mins long……too long in my eyes but thats the timetable. On the first day I had already sussed out the troublesome ones, the eager ones, and the ones not bothered (or more likely a lower level of English). They all know that Im a muay thai fighter, plus the excitement of me being the only farang teacher in the school. On my 3rd day I had to stand up in the morning assembly in front of nearly 3 thousand students and introduce myself with some other new teachers! Haha I got a cheer which im sure was nothing to do with what I said lol.
Jimme and Flook from the gym both attend the school, Flook regularly walks past the office checking in (or as I like to say creeping) on me. I figured that at school I would have the upperhand on the boys, they would have to be respectful towards me etc…….eeeh not at this school! On friday I went out of the office to chat to Flook and he was talking to one of my bosses, he punched me in the mouth!!!!!! Not hard obviously but I was like WTF??!!! did you see that? he assaulted me! Im going to get you expelled!! My boss just laughed!! Ha ooookkkkay!!! But all is going well, im finding planning my lessons is taking a lot of time, im worried ill run out of things to do, I think aswell I may be going too fast so perhaps I should slow down and do more drilling. The other teachers think im good as im always at my desk planning lessons. I think its the opposite I dont have a clue which is why im always planning lessons lol. They said their previous farang teachers would just be online on facebook etc. Im (obviously) a naturally competitive person, i like to be good at everything i do, and right now im doing and learning something completely new! I really want to be a good teacher, I want my students to enjoy my classes and to understand and improve all their skills. So ill spend as long as needed for planning until I get the hang of it.

In training news my first week at school I still trained everyday, except my 1st day as the teachers brought me out for a welcome dinner, but I didnt get up to run, I have to be at school at 7.45am which means I need to be out the door jogging before 6am. I just havent been able to get up yet for it. I was meant to be fighting on the 26th which is a Monday. Id already told Pee A that I can only fight on weekends and holidays, he said it would be at night and then said that if I didnt go to work it would be no problem!!! Haha big problem I think! So anyway my opponent was the ‘girl’ I was meant to fight previously but she took a different fight. I say ‘girl’ because well I saw a picture and lets just say ill be copping a feel before the fight! Just in case!! Lol Anyway they wanted me to check weight the day before as it was for a championship belt, I said ok, then I asked what time is the fight as I would ask if it is ok to leave school after my final lesson……fights at 2pm. Eeeehh hello! I have to work!! Im in a brand new job I cant just take a day off!!!! Lol so no fight it will be rescheduled for a weekend sometime.

Finally the traumatic events of my life continues………. I mentioned in a previous post how a giant centipede crawled up my leg at one of my fights….well. Yesterday I was taking a shower, id just finished and was mopping the excess water towards the drain, it all happened so quickly like scene from a horror movie!!! The drain cover I have is manky and it wasnt completely covering the hole, a giant centipede crawled out of it! FREAKED …..THE….. FUCK…… OUT doesnt even come close to how I reacted! I ran (naked) out of the shower! (Good job I had no company) I was screaming and just having a spaz attack! I tried to calm and opened door, I knew that I must kill it so I grabbed the mop……it started to crawl up the mop!!!!! Freak out number 2!!!! Out the door again, oh god even writing this I feel sick, I grabbed my phone, opened door took a picture haha then wacked the mop and it slivered off to the other side of the bathroom.
I grabbed a broom and just started wacking it till it stopped moving. I killed it whooooo I felt like id just saved the world haha but another problem, this wasnt a cockroach or spider, im NOT TOUCHING that with tissue how do I get rid of it?! Onto facebook I go!! HELP! ช่วย tagged some boys from the gym, did they feck respond to come help me lol! So I swept it up into a dustpan, into a bag and sprinted out to the bins across the road. WELL DONE ME!!!! im so frigging brave!!!! Not the biggest fan of Thailand right now haha.


                                                                                                                                                Me and Aup


                                                                                                Pornsanae picking on me sticking me under a chicken cage


                                                                                                                                Teacher Kelly, fighter Kelly


                                                                             This MONSTROSITY paid me a visit!!! I still shudder at the thought of it 😦 😦


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