Moving is stressful even in Thailand

So ive been on about moving for what seems like ages now but I finally have! Talk about stress!! So I mentioned in my last post Pee A got a bit upset when I said where I was moving to back in early April. He didnt want me living near the rail tracks, in fact he wanted me in the gym, mama didnt want me to leave, but he preferred me on the otherside of the main road close to the police station etc etc. No problem! so he mentioned there was an apartment/flat by TMK (one of the 2 local supermarkets) but days were going by and no apartment viewing. So last week myself Pee A and Pee Ann all headed to TMK. Theres a desk in there and I was guessing the apartment block is owned by TMK. They spoke to the shop workers and then we left, im thinking ok we are going to look at the apartment……no we go back to gym and Pee A says ‘yes ok I think TMK really good’……eh any chance I could actually see the place? Lol. So a few days later Pee Ann takes me to look at the apartment but theres some ‘movie star’ making an appearance at the shop lol so no viewing that day! The next day we go again, now before we viewed the place Pee Ann was buying supplies for the gym (industrial size washing powder etc) we were loading the boot of the car up and she dropped the keys in the boot whilst doing so. I assumed she realised and would pick them up……nope shut the boot lol. So while we were waiting for help we went to view the flat. It was the first flat on the ground floor, outside is an area to chain up your scooters etc.The lady couldnt open the door it had a padlock and the standard door lock here where you push the lock in the middle of the knob. Well the padlock just didnt open. So we viewed another upstairs, which was exactly as I expected empty but had a big cupboard in it and was 1800bht a month (about 40 euro). We eventually saw the downstairs one after one of the lads from TMK picked the lock with a hair grip (should I be worried). Fully furnished, big bed, cupboard, tv, small fridge and storage cupboard with fan 3500 (78 euro) and they said they put aircon in for 500bht. Ok ill take it!!! Lol no internet but they said I could get it myself so thats being sorted! We went back to the car and waited for a man to come and basically break into it, now lets just says he’d be a terrible car thief! Id say it took about 5 minutes or more to open it. Now it is a flashy new car so maybe that’s why I dunno but eventually all sorted and headed back to the gym with poor Pee Ann getting ridiculed by Pee A.

I also bought a 2nd hand scooter from Pee A’s friend for 16000bht (360euro). It wouldnt be one id choose myself,  mama, Dam and Flook all have like vespa type mopeds this was more like a dirt bike a honda airblade (which was also one brand I was advised by my recruitment agent not to get lol) but I really wanted a scooter so I could be more independent and not so reliant on the gym. It went back to the shop to get a few repairs and I got it back a couple of days later. So Friday the mamas brought me to big tesco to get all my bits, Tia and Pon came to help me. So me the ever organised farang in Thailand took pictures online of everything i needed to make it easier. Well got nearly everything i needed the boys were a great help. On the way home every corner we took they squashed against me trying to crush me lol. Tia was telling me he wanted to be same colour as me! I told him if he came to Ireland all the girls would love him! Then he bit me (affectionately if thats possible) haha hes in great form at the moment so im just going with it, anyday now the teenage tantrum could start again and we wont be friends lol. Mama said Tia will come live with me ‘take care’ lol.

So moving day was Saturday at 11am which of course turned to 4pm (thai’s and their time). There was a power cut the night before and my aircon blew out so I waited all day sweating in my non air conditioned room to move. I decided to take the scooter out for a spin and to get some cool air on my body lol. So drove all up the running route and back and was grand. Then I gave Tom a lift up the drive ha and I went to get some noodles and saw Maggie walking back from Tesco, so offered her a ride back to the gym. I tried to turn around first but the acceleration was so sensitive it went too fast towards the field and I turned and fell with the bike landing on top of me………DISASTER!! cut my elbow and scrapped down my leg! Of course I was hysterically laughing as im weird like that! So no lift for Maggie and no noodles for me!! I also dont have a helmet, I am getting one asap.
So I was pissed off! Stupid bike, stupid moving day, I didnt feel well think im getting a chest infection. So that sucked. I went back to my room but was so annoyed and hot I decided to start walking my stuff to the apartment, so I grabbed my duvet set and pillow and started walking. Flook came driving down the road and stopped asking where I was going, I told him, and said about falling off the scooter and he wasnt happy. I hopped on the bike and drove to the apartment (thank god as was regretting the walking.. HOT). I said id walk back later on but he insisted on waiting on me and bringing me back to gym (I kinda wanted to just sit in a cool room for a while lol). So we made the bed and left, not before he gave me a big lecture on locking my door all the time, dont answer it to anyone! Hes such a dote! 17 and so lovely im going to be teaching him at school, and I know he will always (and Jimme) look out for me.

So eventually moved all my stuff, konked out on the bike twice on the main road! I swear I got into bed last night just eghausted!!! What a day, I dreamt my bike got stolen in the night and woke kinda hoping it did lol. No chance still there! Didnt go on it Sunday! I was still licking my wounds.

So theres a big long blog about me moving haha

In training news ive not been training much this week as I dont feel great. I also have this little theory about training, I just dont get (or sometimes believe ha) people who just train 100% all the time. I know personally I have this thing where my body literally shuts down after a fight and im totally run down, I thought it was to do with weight cutting but im not cutting weight here and its pretty much the same. Obviously over here you can take a fight at a moments notice but now is actually the first time ive not had a fight since I arrived, so im taking advantage. I was meant to be fighting on 2nd May but as I already said my opponent wouldnt fight me. Pee A said that the promoter couldnt find another match for me as the gyms he contacted wouldnt put their girls in with me (Kelly Sitmonchai? No no). Now where im sure thats true in a way, Pee A was making out as if I was so strong etc no one wanted to fight me, which is of course a load of bull haha but thank you for the compliment! I think its more my weight and then strength,  as none of them would be my weight. So losing weight is really important more than ever now! If im only a couple of kg’s heavier than my opponent there should be no problem. Also regarding training, at home when I have a fight I step up my training, my stable mates were all more experienced than me so I had them to learn from and base my own training on. But I still didnt do as much as they did at first, ie, I started out C class 3×2 minute rounds. I didnt do what the guys fighting B and A class did as then when I did fight at those classes I wouldnt feel like I was ‘stepping up’ or be able to gage my fitness. It worked for me as when I stepped up for B and A i increased sprints etc. For C class I did like 5 sprints on the stairs at Phoenix park whereas for A class I think I made it up to 12 some days. So im going to do the same here, ill always run in the morning it will be nearly 8k, then when I have a fight ill do the longer one which will be 10k, ill add sprints into the mix and do more conditioning. Thats the plan anyway haha.

Finally before I finish up! It was FINALLY announced that Pornsanae would be making a return to the Neptune stadium in Cork this August. Ive known about this from the get go and have been dying to talk about it! I know the opponent but i wont spoil it and leave that to be announced. I even mailed Martin (the promoter) when I found out and he wouldnt even admit or confirm to me haha even though I heard it from Pee A himself haha. Anyway so straight away Pee A and P nae wanted me to go with them to ‘take care’, well theres nothing I would want more than to go with them, and get to see everyone from the gym at home. But obviously theres no way hes gonna pay for me to go for the craic haha. So yesterday when Pornsanae was announced Pee a wanted me to message Martin from Pee A’s facebook to ask to match me and bring me over aswell lol. I was like Pee A! Saenchai is also fighting on this show! This show is huge! Im a nobody hes not gonna bring me over from bleeding Thailand! Pee a’s response……….you champion!!!!! Hahaha


My new ride!…….piece of shit I hate it already haha


My wounds 😦 road burn fecking hurts!!!

Big giant bed all for me! (Forgot to buy pillows!)

Only found out what this means yesterday!!! Thanks boys! Love you too lol 🙂


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