My Songkran 30th Birthday bash!!!

So after my fight I went up to Bangkok for a few days to celebrate my birthday and Songkran. Growing up my birthday has always fallen around Easter which I hated!! We were off school and some people would give me an Easter egg for my birthday! I don’t like Easter eggs and I’m not sure if it’s because of this haha but I’m not a massive chocolate head (I’ll eat it though ha). Songkran is the celebration of the Thai new year and its a water festival. The water is seen as cleansing the bad away and chalk or talc mixed with water is rubbed on your face as a blessing for the new year. It’s normally celebrated from the 13-15th April but the 15th is the main day, which is also my birthday! It felt so cool to celebrate my birthday on the biggest holiday in Thailand! No Easter eggs here! Haha

I booked into the lovely Pathuwan Princess hotel in Bangkok. The man at reception who showed me to the lifts asked me what my plans were for my stay, I told him it was my birthday and I was celebrating it and Songkran with my friends. After being in my room for 5 minutes a (delicious) chocolate cake with happy birthday and my name on it was delivered to my room compliments of the hotel, with discount vouchers for their restaurants, what a great start!!!

Now I knew Songkran would be crazy I’ve heard about it from people but nothing possibly could have prepared me for the mental crazy unbelievable experience I had! Now Pee A wanted me to stay to celebrate with Sitmonchai in Ban Pong but I was Bangkok bound!!
So we all met in Siam Square, water gun, shorts, bikini and vest top was the atire, Pim got us all rangers glasses aswell and man did we need those!! So it was tame enough we walked to central had fights with passerbyers filling up water at certain points, man when you were sprayed with ice cold water AAAAAHHHHH. We played around and made our way towards Nana (we didn’t go in) but went and drank down a nearby soi sitting outside spraying everyone walking/driving by. Steo bought a Michael Myers type mask as he had stitches from his fight over his eyes. Man he looked freaky as hell hahaha. So after a good bit of drink being attacked by buckets of water and talc all over our faces we went to grab something to eat (sprayed a bar in Nana on my way past and a prostitute went mad and threw an apple at me haha the only annoyed person I encountered lol). The second little cake of the day! Yeaaay!

Then we decided to go to RCA, well firstly we got in the most dangerous tuk tuk ride of my life!!!!!!!! Holy shit!!! Pick up trucks and people throwing buckets of ice cold water in the tuk tuk! The driver just kept his head down wiping his windshield like a boss, it was so dangerous but hilariously funny I lost my rangers and I laughed so much I peed myself (I hear this happens with old age). When we got to RCA it was out of this world!! There is no way that something like this could happen at home. Everyone was so happy, no one got annoyed everything was done so playfully it was just brilliant. The water! OMG the water! nearly swimming in it, 1000s of people drinking so happy throwing water. Bars and promo guys and girls with like firemen hoses spraying everyone it was INSANE!! We eventually left as it was just so crazy busy we could not move! But it was soo amazing, what an experience! Got back to the hotel wetter than I am when I shower lol.

The next day I went did a bit of shopping, tried sweet toast and ice cream 🙂 then we all went to the Dubliner for dinner! Ooooh the taste of home 🙂 🙂 🙂 finally decided on ham, cabbage and mash and it was amazing, washed down with a pint of magners!! Happy tears!

We then went back to Amy and Matt’s for drinks I got ANOTHER cake! Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!! WOW! Then we drank and played pin the tail on the donkey!!!

I woke the next day DOSED with a cold! All that ice cold water!! So thankfully I had a late check out at the hotel went did more shopping, ate and headed back to camp!! I had the best time! Then this evening I got another cake from my Sitmonchai family! Being away from home on birthdays and special occasions can be hard for some people…………some people!!!!NOT ME! I had such a great birthday with great friends and family in Thailand! My 30th year has gotten off to a great start!! 🙂

In other news when I arrived back at the gym Pee A told me my rematch on 2nd May against my first opponent in February was off. She had refused to fight me again, even though she won I damaged her leg so badly with leg kicks she was out of action for about 2 weeks and doesnt want a repeat! I understand I mean its her livelihood and fighting girls much bigger than you is going to take their toll! I remember thinking man how tough she was, her leg was in bits you could see it all welted up and bruised. These thai girls are hard as nails! So they are looking for another opponent for me, Pee A said to the promoter ‘big champion no problem’ eeehhhh yea bit of a problem for me??! Ha

I was supposed to move out into my new place last week but Pee A basically told me NO lol. Hes very particular about where he wants me to live as he says there are good and bad people in Thamaka and lots of Yaba users (a popular drug here in Thailand) so im still looking. I understand that its only out of concern for me……..but ive lived in Dublin city for years, he clearly didnt read about all my altercations with the low lives and junkies there hahaha.

Yesterday we all went to Omnoi to watch Pornsanae fight Manawhann Sittonpetchyindee for the vacant 130lb title! I love Omnoi stadium really small and personal. He won by TKO leg kicks rd 2!!! The sitmonchai way!! Sooo happy for him! The gym has been doing so well recently with all their top fighters winning big fights! Thepminit in Raja, Yodkunpun in Glory and Pornsanae yesterday! There were lots of celebrations and drinking going on last night! 🙂 I caught a lovely moment between Pornsanae and Kru Dam yesterday. We were all sitting at the lawn table drinking celebrating and Pnae and Dam were talking, giggling away, hugging each other. A bond like that you can tell is grown over a lifetime (which basically is in Pornsanaes case) it was just lovely seeing it both so happy and Dam so proud!

Cake number 1 from the hotel

Ready for Songkran!

Talc, chalk all over my face

Cake number 2

Route 66 at RCA! CRAZY!!

Pint of magners, ham cabbage and mash for my birthday dinner!! At the Dubliner in Sukhumvit

Cake number 3! Baskin Robbins icecream cake!!

Cake number 4 Oreo!


Our champ Pornsanae!! 🙂


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