My rematch fight at Songkran festival

So I fought last night at a local festival, rematching the girl I fought 2 weeks ago but before I talk about it I just want to say something dumb and totally ‘kelly’ that I did. So as this was a rematch my training was focused on what to do in this fight which was ‘knee knee knee’ now I know ive a good strong straight knee, a new trainer Ma came to the gym the other day and watched my last pad session with Kongfah, he told me last night before my fight that my knee was beautiful which was really nice, only problem I cant seem to do them in a fight lol! Ive only won by stoppage once, and it was 1st rd knees. The last fight with my opponent I caught her with a straight knee and gave her an 8 count, and last night again I only managed one and I could see her face wince in pain. So I really need to work on them, I hope the more I fight the more naturally they will just come to me. So anyway well everyone has been trying/showing/making me do this move In the clinch where when she goes to grab around my torso I lock both elbows in, step out and straight knee…….yeay try doing that with ‘bearcub Tia’ I was struggling with it but was really trying. So after my last training session I was in my room and I was going over the move in my head trying to remember and going through the movements…………I wack both my elbows off each other!!!!!! WTF! WHO DOES THAT??? SERIOUSLY!!!! Hahaha now we’ve all had our moments in training I know a lot of people who have uppercut themselves in the face in pads lol but smacking your own elbows off each other, retard!!! So I had 2 banged up elbows going into the fight LOL

So I was excited for the fight, all the trainers were saying they were betting on me and they were all saying the same thing ‘knee knee knee KO sure!’ I really wanted to win via stoppage, Sitmonchai are famous for stopping opponents and I want to be in the KO gang! It was the same promoter as last time (Bew’s dad) so when I saw the fight card and 70kg beside my name…WELLLLLLL I had a few words for him!!!
Im not really sure what was going on or if we were a main fight or what but there were guests of honor there all wearing these gold tops barr one women who was in the middle of them all, they were escorted by army soliders. So I went to get in the ring but I was stopped and then I had to stand in front of them with my opponent and we were given pong malai (flowers around our neck) then had lots of pictures taken (they all then left after my fight) that was cool it was my first experience of anything like that and as it was only for my fight I felt special haha.

When I was sitting waiting to fight I was thinking alot, before all my fights here I have that moment of doubt, gosh! am I actually any good? Do I even like this? do I enjoy it?? Will she beat me? will I get KO’d?! Then I kinda snap out of it and as soon as I get in the ring im grand. Perhaps the more experience I get those feelings will go, but moreso im excited I just have those few moments beforehand. So she did a ram muay and I just stood in the corner, when Note fought he sat in the corner chilled like a boss while his opponent did his ram muay. I felt in awe of him so relaxed and cool, my friend back home Rob is like that aswell, maybe ill try that next time 🙂

So once again the fight was hard she hurt me more this fight, but I think I did better (technically) this time, my guard was up I body kicked lots, she threw me (or toppled me) a few times but she came with me I managed once to do the clinch move. After the 2nd round i felt tired (uh oh) i went into the corner and man talk about being overwhelmed water over my head, in my mouth, smelly stuff in my face, I actually felt like I might drown (it only takes an inch 😉 ) i just needed a few seconds to take a few deep breaths on my own but i was shocked with the ice water etc. So i think next time ill stand a few seconds more to get my breath and then be drowned with water. She was very expressive in her face again, I could see when I hurt her. I was really conscious this time to go for it in round 4 I seem to always have a big round 3 and then slightly tire in the 4th so I kept going forward the whole fight. Once again going into round 5 they told me I had won and to relax do nothing and teep. This time she didnt go for it, she looked completely defeated and sad. She rolled her eyes as if just wanting the bell to go. Afterwards she didnt say anything I tried to give her hug say thank you and that she is really strong but she just kinda turned away from me. I then got handed a big wad of 1000s of winnings for my corner who bet on me!

I didnt see this, which Im glad because the sensitive soul that I am I probably would have started to cry, but when my opponent got out of the ring she was hit with a stick numerous times by her trainer :(. When my lot told me this it really upset me, like ok maybe some gyms might do that but its not nice!! I felt so sorry for her. I realised then that me seeing her as angry and pissed off was actually determination and devastation. She lost so she got a wallop 😦 I didnt feel so victorious after that. I mean its 50/50 fighting! Her trainer clearly really wanted her to rematch me not her at all.

After I fought Jimme, Note and Nakano fought. These boys amaze me, they did not train AT ALL for the fights, I trained really hard and I was tired and they bust out 5×3 no bother!! Its funny how they dont train for festival fights, its almost like they ‘dont count’ much like amateur fights back home. But the lads they fight are the same lads they fight in stadiums or one of them did etc etc. They all did great, it was my first time watching Jimme he had a good clear win. Notes opponent was huge im talking at least 10kg heavier. I always get nervous watching my mates fight, but with the thai’s they are so badass I never am. Well I had my towel up near my face when the fight started, worried! and MAN what a little beast Note is!! No problem at all think he stopped him in the end, he was so good! Proud of him (and not a bit of training little git lol) Nakano had a tough fight but did really well and lost on points, his opponent was bigger aswell!
Great performances from everyone at Sitmonchai 🙂 🙂 I decided after aswell that the whole KO thing one day maybe I will, or I wont whatever! Its really hard to win on points here in Thailand you win big or you lose, so im happy to win big 🙂

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday!! Im missing the Songkran festivites with the gym to go see my buddies in bangkok! Booked 2 nights in a lovely hotel to treat myself! So im looking forward to that! When I got home from my fight I opened up my package from my mammy!! Lots of goodies! Yeay!!

I used Jun’s knuckle padding from his big KO win at Raja last week!! Think they gave me special powers 🙂

She got me good this time

Lights! camera! action! Jimme 🙂

Note sitting chilled like a boss waiting to fight

Nakano doing his ram muay in his pink ninja hello kitty shorts!!


3 thoughts on “My rematch fight at Songkran festival

  1. Congratulations on your win!. I admire anyone who has the tenacity and enthusiasm to fight in Thailand.
    I was quite surprised to read “when my opponent got out of the ring she was hit with a stick numerous times by her trainer”. Is this sort of hard core training common in Thailand? When I started boxing (age 11) at an English private school, it was quite common to get a good caning if you lost. That no longer happens (as far as I know), but it seemed to be quite normal at the time. It was just part of the “toughening up” process. We didn’t resent it at all -in fact we almost competed for who could take the most whacks without flinching. It was sort of Spartan, but at the time anything that helped us to win seemed good.

    • No I dont think so!! Any gym ive been too here has never been like that, or any that my friends have been too. The owner of my gym even c8mmebted how bad it was when he heard! The gyms had a side bet on the fight, so her gym lost money cos she lost. Very sad though I dont think its right at all. Training is punishing enough, and fighting without being beaten after

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