The pros and cons of sticking to one trainer/padman

Sooo ive lost my trainer to Turkey!! And i fight this Sunday. Kru Dam has gone with Abigail and Muu (Yodkunpun) for his debut international fight on Glory 15 in Istanbul on the 12th. It’s his and Muu’s first time leaving Thailand and Dam’s first time on a plane! Very exciting I cant wait to hear the stories as im sure there will be a few πŸ™‚

So firstly this is not a new problem for me. Back home me and my buddy Felix were training partners, not because we were 2 girls just sticking with each other but because we pushed each other to the limit (we’re good padmen…women πŸ˜‰ ), we pointed out each others mistakes and worked on things together. Being a female fighter in the West you dont have the luxury of a sabai sabai round 1 & 2, girls normally go hell for leather at the first bell ( which I dont like but hey what ya gonna do!) We trained at that pace and were generally just a great support for each other (I really miss her). But when one of us wasnt training ie, after a fight it was like GREAT!! who am I gonna do pads with? People pair up with each other and then your left hitting the bag lol. So she lost her partner when I left and thats when we were like, man sticking with one person isnt the best idea now! But at the same time we train hard, we want a good hard pad session so sticking with someone you know will give you that is good! Right?

Over here its different as you dont hold pads for people (although Pornsanae has me do speed boxing with him sometimes). I do think that mixing it up with different trainers here is great and a good idea (in theory!) You learn different things from different people and theres so much to learn here. The trainers here are all so different from each other. As ive said before Dam is an absolute stickler for technique, it took a while to get used to him but now its great we have a really good relationship, he knows my strengths and weaknesses how I like my pads, ie, I have one pad one focus mitt. Its good and I love it and im fine sticking with him. But if hes not there im like Fuuucccck! Who am I gonna train with?

Kru Juab is just constant none stop power power, if you want to work on fitness you go with Juab! But going with him or anyone after being with Kru Dam is like OOHH SHIT! what round is this? 2!!!??? WTF! IM DYING! Kru San (who is only 21 and frigging awesome) is very technical aswell but hes a big lad so hitting pads with him zaps your energy because hes so big.

Then theres Kongfah who is really just on another level altogether!! When I first went with Kongfah it was probably up there in the worst pads of my life it was awful, and he messed around and I got annoyed and frustrated! So I didnt like going with him, and whenever Dam wasnt there and Pee A gave me a choice… go with the other trainer. But Kongfah is an awesome trainer, he has the highest amount of fights than anyone in the gym. Hes a former lumpinee champion, losing his title to Damien Alamos in 2012. He doesnt fight in the stadiums anymore but fights internationally sometimes. Hes completely freestyle, he doesnt really call out anything you just react to him, ( i always feel bad for complete newbies when they go with him lol) so training with him is just like a fight! Awesome? YES! but a few days out from your fight when your not used to it…..not so much hahaha. Talk about feeling shit!! So ive been training with him the last couple of days, im WRECKED!! Once you get over the 1st round of ‘argh’ then the pads are great and hard as hell!

Im fighting Sunday and rematching the girl from my last fight, Kongfah was at that fight. As soon as the rematch was confirmed all the trainers were like ‘knee knee knee KO for sure!’ I gave her an 8 count with the only straight knee i gave her, so this is the game plan which i hope works lol. Hes betting on me to win by KO on Sunday so I dunno if that’s why hes pushing me so hard haha to make sure I win. 30 kicks each leg, if I stop I have to start again, told me to do 200 knees on the bag BLERGH!!!!!! ( did I fook do 200 think I managed 100…….in sets lol). But anyway its really good but im wrecked and I want DAM BACK!!!!! haha

Also im a very regimented fighter in my training, run at 6.45-7am then 3.30pm I always go first with Dam ( unless Pornsanae is ready then I let him go first or he moans like a little biatch! Its not worth the hassle, plus hes Pornsanae, so he can do what he wants haha but i like to give him a hard time πŸ™‚ ) which I like because then I can go do bags, technique, clinch etc for the rest of the time. Im always ready to be first aswell. So again if Dam isnt there ill be waiting around and im not a fan of the bags I cant motivate myself and I end up just watching the thai boys train.

So yea im a bit high maintenance……. no change from at home then haha.

So where having different trainers can be good, when the styles are so different it can be frustrating and hard. Im happy to stick with Dam (hes the man behind Pornsanae, Thepminit and Yodkunpun, im lucky to have him as my trainer) but mix up my technique and clinching with the boys. Although its good to go with the others id prefer it not close to a fight! Some people dont mind but me personally, I give myself a hard time especially preparing for a fight, theres nothing worse than having shit sessions before a fight! As I dont checkweight at the moment, I should be peaking and feeling good not crumpled in the corner questioning my exsitence HAHA.

Me and Kru Dam having the bants!

Me and Kru Juab

Me and my bestie/training partner back home Felix

Kru San and Danny

Pornsanae and Kru Dam

Kru Dam and Yodkunpun (Muu)

Kongfah and Thepminit (awesome pics of the guys stolen from Abigail πŸ™‚ )



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