Festival fight stress

I fought last night at a local festival in Ban Pong, I knew the promoter as he is Bew’s (one of our fighters) dad, so he is in the gym all the time. Last night was probably one of the most stressed I have ever been before a fight. And this is taking into account that I wasnt even cutting weight!! Firstly it was the longest day EVER!! I was awake early I couldnt nap etc, I wasnt really nervous just my normal excited nerves, but I was feeling slightly anxious as I really wanted to win. Id lost my last 4 fights, so because I dont fight often at home, my last win was in October 2012!! Everyone from the gym was coming to the fights, including Pee Dow and her family (Pee Dow is the cleaning lady who does EVERYTHING). So the day dragged but excitingly mama lek wanted to bring me and Mangaia to get our hair done! We were like wow mama is so excited she even got her hair wash and blow dried while we had ours plaited!

So first stress of the day my hair!!!!! Now I actually showed them a picture of my hair the way I have it, I just wanted french plaits at the top and ill wear a ponytail as ive layers in my hair………..did they do that? NO! They gave me same style as Maggie and Mangaia get, but they both have really long thick hair! So I walk out of hair dressers looking like Tricia from Orange is the new black! I had to cut some of my hair when I got back to gym that was just randomly flying around the place and plaits down the back of my head touching my neck which I cant stand!!

So as everyone from the gym was coming a minivan was ordered ( we get it alot for going to fights). We were told the minivan was coming at 6…….2 hours later it will be here in 20 minutes……we eventually left at just before 9pm. But before that Jun came knocking to say that the promoter had no gloves for the fights!! So we had to bring gloves from the gym, 2 of mine were used my blue laceups are practically brand new…..but did I wear them in my fight? No! LOL so we fought in 8oz instead of the normal 6oz. Myself and Mangaia went in the ‘VIP’ car with Jun and Abigail. Jun was sooooo excited!!! He had his good shirt on and he was gonna be betting on us, Baipai was sleeping at his grandparents that night so they were kid free for the night!

So we arrive at the festival find the boys and the 1st fight was already on. Myself, Mangaia, Aup, Deat, Jimme and xander were all meant to be fighting. Xander is 8 years old and from Canada, hes awesome on pads and has fought at home with protection, as all children do. He was going to be fighting Bews little brother ( the promoters son) hes a little firecracker and is at the gym alot, but doesnt train. Bews dad originally said he had no fights, then it changed to he had a couple but got stopped. Anyway as you can imagine, farangs at a local festival we kinda got swarmed when we arrived. Xander got quite overwhelmed and didnt want to fight. Totally understandable hes only a baby, and well it was getting really late. Jimme’s opponent just left because we took so long getting to the fights so he had no fight!

Then the drama starts, I asked the boys to find out what number fight I was, so they went off and then were like come here! Come here! There was a truck beside us and on the otherside was my opponent and her gym lot. So firstly I was like A BOY! AGAIN HAHA she was actually big ( now when I say big, I was still a few kgs bigger than her) but she was around 61kg which for a thai girl is big, there wasnt too much size difference between us. But I was like yea grand thats nice but I want to know what number I fight!! So I go to sit back down then these two little girls from her gym come over and stare at me. Im totally used to this now at this stage but they werent just staring at me they were giving me the once over! I was like aah here how old are you 10? Lol. They stayed staring and coming over for the whole time up to my fight. My opponent kept coming over with her coach, she actually looked petrified! Really worried, she kept asking what weight Mangaia was, which I didnt understand as she was fighting me! Then another girl came over and we were put together she was the same height as me but much smaller, thinner, her coach was talking away grabbing my arms saying ‘kaang raang’ strong in thai. So I was like am I fighting her? Mangaia is a few kg heavier than me so I assumed I was fighting the lighter of the two. There was lots of shouting between the camps and Kongfah was saying stuff then Dam and Jun went over again talking to their coach, at this stage its after 10pm and me and Mangaia are like WTF?? are we fighting or whats the story?! Loads of twoing and throwing it was agitating me! So then it was like Mangaia! Wrap hands get ready!! So she’s getting ready gloves are on and I see the smaller girl go to the ring! I was like whats going on? I thought that was my opponent? So ok im fighting the bigger one! Great!! Ha Mangaia won, TKO punches round one!! πŸ™‚ I think we may have been the first farangs they had fought. It turns out that Mangaias opponent didnt want to fight her, but my opponent wouldnt swap thats what we were figuring out what was happening! And they were asking how many fights we had! I burst out laughing! How many fights eh 9 how many have you had? 60-100 hahaha.

So im getting ready and Kongfah is wrapping my hands and I felt something crawling on my leg! I was like grow a pair Kelly its just a bug! You are about to get in the ring and fight! So I ignored it! Next thing Aup squeals and jumps up then Kongfah jumps up and they freak out and grab me to get me up! Well you can just imagine MY reaction when they reacted like that! I SCREAMED leapted up nearly ripped my joggers off, as I realised whatever it was, was what I felt on my leg. I initially thought it was a snake, as I know the thai’s hate snakes. I never saw it (thank god!!) as Kongfah, Aup and Dam were jumping up and down killing it. My heart was doing overtime! I felt so stressed out! Then of course KO, KO, time for me to get in the ring!!! So my opponent is in the ring waiting and im still getting my gloves on. EVERYONE was staring over at me, the farang holding the show up! I eventually got in the ring gave a big smile and a twirl and got a round of applause, oooh the princess farang girl finally shows up lol.

It was a tough fight, my opponent was soo mean looking, I was hurting her, and everytime I hurt her her face scrunched in pain, then she was like ARRGGHHHH in anger!! HA ok! Sorry?? Lol. I caught her with a big knee in the 2nd and I thought it was all over but she took the count and carried on. She rocked me a few times with punches, my corner were screaming at me to go for the body! I got one body shot in which I could see hurt her, but after that she wouldnt let me in to knee, pushing me away and teeping. After round 4 I went into the corner, Tia and Note were in the ring for corner, but I think round 3 Jun jumped in with Note, hes just brillant! I love him in my corner hes so excitable! Dam was at one side telling me to do the combos we work on in training, Kongfah was on the other side shouting at me to use my IQ round 5, and Jun was like KELLY YOU WIN SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! relax no work now, teep. So round 5 they all said id won and to relax dont fight just keep her away! Now im not a fan of this! For lots of reasons but ive seen mates do this then lose the fight because they thought they won, but I was like ok oh you want me to teep? The one thing I cant do?! Ok lol. So I try to relax teep her but shes having none of it, so then I hear……ok kick! Hahaha we got into a clinch and I elbowed her, then threw a big hard 6 oclock elbow to back of her head as soon as I did it I was like oohh shit! It was a big hit and her face OMG if looks could kills I would have been dead! It was like ooh you fucking bitch!! I actually thought it was a foul but here in thailand its not so I dont feel so bad now! But I won on points I was soo happy! πŸ™‚ another good hard fight!

Aup won by KO leg kicks round 2, and Deat lost he got stopped with an elbow in round 3, his opponent was so much bigger than him, he has no fear that lad and lots of heart!!

So thats it thankfully we were in the car, so we left straight away whilst the guys had to wait to get my gloves that were being used! So good night all round! I was so happy to win, i wasnt happy getting into the ring i felt stressed and i could see my trainer Dam was like, Kelly ooh no shes nervous, but as soon as fight started i was grand. It felt so good to win at last! and was great that myself and Mangaia got to fight and win together!!

We stopped off at 7-11 on the way home and got icecreams for all the boys and ham cheese toasties!! YUMMMM then we bought some leo from mama and drank till about 4am this morning. Well did I get a shock or what when I woke this morning!!!! never mind any fight injuries!! I was eaten alive by mosquitoes! The leo or my adrenaline i dont know! Numbed the bites I didnt feel like I was getting bitten at all……….eeehhhh yep I was definitely bitten!!!

Oh and the thing crawling over me……….GIANT CENTIPEDE!!! F….M…..L!! Im just glad I didnt see it I actually shudder and feel physically sick when I think of it crawling on my leg, they are really dangerous and poisonous which is why the thai’s always kill them! Sob sob sob


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