Arjan Kelly

So I have a job! Yeaaaay! And its at the high school down the road from the gym! Could not have worked out more perfect!! Maggie told me about a group on facebook called Teachers for Thailand so I had a look and they were advertising for a teacher in Thamaka, I couldnt believe my luck! So I emailed my CV and photo and that night (Friday) the fella from the agency called me to ask could I do an interview on the Monday. I said yes of course, id been suffering from strep throat all week but was over the worst and was sure id be fine by the Monday. So interview yeaaayyyy……..interview ARGGGHHHHHH :-/. Ive not had an interview in years plus the added fear of erm id forgotten everything in my TEFL course! What if they asked me to do a demo lesson fuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!
So i spent the weekend preparing for the interview going over possible questions, ie, how would you teach the present simple perfect to a group of teenagers……..erm….well.

So I was sent the name and address of the school on Sunday and straight away i recognised it but showed it to Jimmie and he was like aahh my school!!!! Everyone was really excited for me and the thai’s were calling me teacher Kelly. So Monday came and Pee Ann brought me to the school, and bless her she sat and waited for me aswell! I met the fella from the agency a really nice bloke from Edinburgh called Charlie. So we went into the school and I met the head and the head of the department. This is how my interview went, we went into what im assuming was the staff room, got coffee and they gave me a plate of biscuits, what is your name? Where are you from? Do you have any experience………oh you speak lovely! I think our students will love you!! Hahaha
So we chatted I tried to ask questions I should ask and it was pretty much I had the job! I went back later that day to sign a contract with the agency, its not the best but it is still working out perfect for my situation. Right beside the gym, im staying in Thamaka for at least a year!! 🙂

Everyone was so happy for me and the thai’s were so excited! 2 of the boys go to the school. Pee A now just calls me Arjan, he roars it the whole time ARJAN!!! EAT EAT! I have a very playful relationship with the younger thai’s always hitting each other etc. Well its seems to have magnified now im teacher Kelly! Its almost like aaaah a teacher…….we can HIT!!! They are like a pack of wolves, I see one and I know theres 2 more behind me circling me ready to pounce, then BAAM kick in the back of the head, knee in the stomach, leg kick haha but sure its like conditioning!

In other news ive had another pull out! Really annoying, since i got here ive been training really hard for a fight, and I know some people might think eeh duh thats what your there for! But I realise now why the thai’s only train 2 weeks for a fight. Im tired!!! Since i arrived ive trained (running, training) twice a day, i fought then 2 days after got another fight so trained for that, opponent pulled out but had another fight so trained for that and now pull out again. So now im sabai training and I have to say the last couple of days ive really enjoyed it. Dam has been working on different things with me, head kicks etc and im actually more relaxed now like I should always be. I also ran like the boys today (trot, walk, trot, walk walk walk, trot haha). Mangaia nearly got decapitated by a tree branch the other morning, it was so funny, she ran past it thinking the leaves would brush over her face,  but it nearly took her head off!! I actually wet myself a little bit and had to stop running to try and compose myself!!!

Now people who know me well know I dont share food…..simples, but ya know in Thailand im nice ill share some things etc. I had a tub of icecream I bought (when I thought icecream was good for a sore throat….apparently not!) It was in one of the freezers. Now Aup our little crazy beekeeper (actually just hive stealer) was munching on a slab of the honeycomb and I asked him did he want some icecream with it. Of course he did, so I open the freezer WTF!!! WHERES MY ICECREAM!! WHO TOOK MY ICECREAM!!!!!! So I storm about the gym, did you eat my icecream? Did you???? then after a few minutes a sheepish little Tia was like, Kelly…..I ate your icecream with the cutest guiltiest smile on him! He was like im SORRY!!!! I see everyday, for maybe 3 weeks, I buy you one! Well how could I be mad at that face! I was like its ok dont worry I dont want it, like I was giving it to Aup anyway but thats not the point!! But I just laughed he was clearly eyeing it up for ages thinking it probably belonged to someone who left! Hes lucky hes so cute! KELLY DOESNT SHARE FOOD!!!!


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