My thai stalker

Ok so I havent written about this yet so I thought id tell the whole story (he is possibly following this blog aswell lol). One day a man showed up to the gym asking if the farangs would fill out a questionaire about the importance of muay thai trainers speaking English. It was a terrible questionaire and about 5 pages long of the same questions. It was for his daughter who was a judge in Bangkok (yea I dunno?) So anyway when he came back to collect them, my roomie Mangaia said he invited 3 of us to go bowling on the Sunday, he was cousin of Mama Lek. As he was family of the gym were we like bowling sounds like fun we’ll go! So off we went, 2 other farangs came aswell a teacher from America (who taught Mr Stalkers granddaughter) and a young girl from Norway who was living with a thai family and going to school here. It turned out to be a charity bowling event with lots of local philanthropists there and prizes to be won (lots of eggs). I had mentioned that I was going to be looking for work as a teacher so Mr Stalker was very excited and said he would help ‘promote’ me. He was/is a very nice friendly man with very good English and I think just a bit lonely, he is probably I reckon late 60s early 70s! Anyway a head teacher of a school was there and she wanted to hire me for B18000 a month house included ( thats just under 400e a month)……..I laughed! Mr Stalker said we were to have a dinner ‘meeting’ on the Monday evening. Now I had no intention of taking a job that lowly paid but I thought the meeting would be a good experience for me as a kind of interview!

So anyway we enjoyed our day I was basically the token white skinned blonde haired farang of the day, being introduced to everyone but it was a fun day! That evening he showed up at the gym with a piece of paper to give to me and the others with his name on to add on facebook. He already had my phone number. Now id just like to add that im (generally) a nice person in Thailand, if all this happened back home id be like FOOK OFF CREEP!!! So then he rang me the same night to make sure I got his note and to add him on facebook, I was like yes ok! ill add you. He posted a picture of himself standing by flowers on my wall, which was weird, but ya know…. thai people! And a little message about how lovely it was to meet me etc etc. He had also mentioned a few times that day that I was beautiful ill get a job no problem, but that didnt worry me as im farang and pale as a ghost they love that here. He then proceeded to post about 8 more pictures of himself on my wall! I was like this is proper weird so I just deleted them!

The next day I was speaking to one of the girls and she advised me to be careful as some thai’s love to have that token farang friend who wants to bring you everywhere show you off and it can get quite difficult and awkward! After that I decided I didnt want to go to the ‘meeting’ anymore as I didnt want to encourage further contact, as he had already offered to take us to places like the waterfalls and to go to his for dinner etc, and also mentioned that I reminded him of his teacher many years ago who taught him English. So I went to my room to call him to say I wouldnt be going………3 missed calls on my phone from him. I called him ( he was calling me to remind me to dress nice for meeting….) thanked him for the opportunity but advised I could not go as I had to train as I was fighting (which was true). He said ok no problem, you will get job you very beautiful etc etc….ok thanks BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE!

So over the next 2 weeks (Pee A was in Japan then Italy for fights), he kept ringing me (I didnt answer) and showed up at the gym 3 times! Once was with a friend he wanted to take me and Mangaia to dinner and drinks eeehhhh NO!! EWWWW I ran and hid in the room everytime he showed up!

The next time he showed up Pee A was here I went into my room and when I came out he was gone. I had restricted him on facebook so he couldnt write on my wall but my blog is public so when I posted one of my blog posts that evening he commented on it again inviting me to a party and that he would collect me at 6pm, and did I get the apples he left me! Eeehhh came to the gym to give me 2 bags of bleeding apples! Get away outta that!! Ive seen snow white!!!! So I blocked him completely on facebook and I told Pee A and Dam (my trainer) and they were not happy !!! Especially Dam! So a few days later he showed up again and when I saw his car I went to walk away towards my room and Dam leapt out of the ring told me to get on the bag and stood by my side whilst all the thais who were not in the ring ran towards the car along with Pee A and basically ran him out of the place!! So thats the end of that! Oh and hes NOT family!!! Turns he may be a friend of Pee A’s father! Pee A had no idea who he was. So thats me done being nice to strangers here hahahaha.


4 thoughts on “My thai stalker

  1. Kelly, I’m really happy to have found your blog, going all the posts I can this afternoon. Great to be reading another female fighter voice. I love that the trainers came to your rescue. Very cool.

  2. I can see how this would be off-putting and annoying. I wonder if it’s partially cultural, or as you said above, because he might have been a bit lonely. That makes me feel bad for him. I hope he finds companionship! But hopefully someone more appropriate for his age and interests/background!

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