2 blondes at the hot springs

Yesterday myself and Agnes went with a few of the lads to the hot springs, I had never been before but I knew it was at a temple and would not be the luxurious ones ive seen on the internet! I wore shorts and a vest top and brought another top aswell as I expected we would have to go in our clothes. People say that the water has healing properties, I dont know if its just the water is blessed by monks or whatever. When we arrived they actually provided these sheets to wear, so we both popped them on. The hot springs are (as with all temples) separated into men and women, they are these small metal tubs you step into and sit and fill up with hot water. So we make our way to 2 tubs, I look around me and the thai women are of course staring at the 2 farang girls. Theres half a coconut shell in the bottom and im like ‘oh you must use that as the plug’ so I place it over the hole and turn the water on. Then I realise ok this is just not filling up! And I look and my bleeding coconut has a hole in it! Im so confused so then I think maybe we use our foot? You just place that over the hole? So I try that but then thats way too uncomfortable and the thai women are moving about! And hey! She just got out and the water is still at the top! It HAS to be the coconut!! So I turn it on its side over the hole and it starts filling up …….slowly! Then I see a woman get into a tub and a few minutes later the water is overflowing AAHH HERE!! WTF?!! Agnes gave up altogether! We must have been at the 30 minute mark by this stage. Then a thai lady clearly feeling sorry for us (or more stupid farangs) goes over to the edge of the area and uses a long spanner thing to turn a valve for the tub off!! AAHHHHHH thats how you do it lol sooo then the hot water comes pouring into the tub and fills up in no time! After a few minutes im like ‘yea so this is just like a bath……..I dont like baths, but sometimes ya just need a bath!’ So I got out! 2 blondes at the hot springs, the coconut shell was use to pour water on yourself hahaha

In other panda news! 2 days after my fight I was asked to fight this Saturday the 8th, I said yes as I felt fine! My shin was a bit sore but a few days no kicking and id be grand, WELL feck me! My trainers were massaging my shins everyday …….the pain!!! I have this thing, where I laugh when im hurt! So San is massaging me and im shouting in pain then I burst out laughing! ‘NO JOKE KELLY!!!’ lol I said I laugh or I will cry! So then my shin is covered with bruises which they say is good! ‘2 days no problem!’ But not only are the kneeding out my injuries they are kneeding out lumps that have been on my shins for 5 years because ive never done it!

But started kicking on Monday was a bit sore but no concern and was looking forward to the fight! Well they say things come in threes! Firstly, now remember back home I was (a very good) Fraud Analyst for a bank, all my money was stolen from my bank account haha. Now as soon as I saw my bank account online I was thinking ok theres no way theres a skimming device at an ATM here in Thamaka!! There would just not be intelligent enough criminals here! So I ring up my old work colleagues and…… America, fucking America of course!! I knew after my Thanksgiving trip to New York I should have blocked my card as a precaution! But I didnt! But anyway no problem I get it all back, its just waiting around for my card to go home and for family to forward it me ARGGH!
Second, my fight got cancelled yesterday my opponent took a fight at a tournament or something, probably better money, and finally, well im sick! Started to feel really unwell yesterday I was soo hot I had the aircon on 16 (which is freezing) well looks like ive got strep throat. Ah well shit happens, ive taken the rest of the week off and will get lots of sleep and medicine, then back to the grind on Monday. I should have another fight in a couple of weeks!


3 thoughts on “2 blondes at the hot springs

  1. feel better! sucks about your bank account. my husband just had someone put 10K AUD on his cc and thinks it’s from when we were in NYC in Dec too. damn americans! 😉

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