Fighting Thai’s

So I fought on Saturday night in Bangkok but before I talk about that I want to moan a bit about my weight here in Thailand. At home my ‘fat’ weight is about 67kg when im eating what I want (lots of junk) and tipping away training. As soon as I start eating clean for a fight and up my training the first 3-4kg drop off quite easily for me. So as ive said previously I went home for 6 weeks at Christmas and basically was lazy, didnt train and barely ran, and ate LOADS! so I was 69kg coming to Thailand……..fatty!! Ive been here now for 6 weeks and for the 1st month I was 68kg and my weight did not move!! I couldnt understand it I was training really hard twice a day, running twice a day (sometimes 3 times if did sprints) I physically looked smaller and the thai’s were telling me ‘no more pum pui!’ Yeaaaay!! But no….. weight was the same and I started to panic! Everyone says they put weight on coming to Thailand but I was so heavy to begin with I couldnt accept this! If I was training like this at home I would be 61-62kg for a fact!!
So me and Mangaia got a steamer I and started steaming chicken and veg. I had already cut back on my rice and the trainers were having a go at me ‘you eat rice…..POWER!!!’ NOOOOOOOO I eat rice PUM PUI!!!! Theres no convincing them otherwise but the weight finally started to drop and I know its water retention from all the salt and sugar and crap in the food we are given.

So I had a fight lined up for the 22/2 and the week of the fight I was told my opponent was 70kg! I laughed out loud! Are……you……having……a…….laugh!!? When I think of 70kg I think of my mate kels who is 5’11 and now actually fights at 68kg……HELLS NO!!! haha Kru Dam was like ‘no problem you strong!’ I tried to tell him that I fight 58kg at home, im not fighting at 70kg here!! It was bad enough my weight was heavy and i was fighting at my walk around weight. I was trying to get it down as much as I could! And to be completely honest it made me feel very apprehensive fighting at that weight. They changed my opponent but I didnt know anything until the fight.

So we arrived at the venue (carpark) haha I was sooo excited to fight and I found it even more funny it was a car park it was just so thai I loved it. Loads of the guys came from the gym, and matt and amy came (who live in Bangkok) it felt great having loads of support there! The poster outside had a picture of me and another foreign girl on it. I had already accepted the fact I may be fighting the 70kg girl still and I was ok about it! I mean when in Rome…..or Thailand! Id get in there and do my best! So I said to Pee A is that my opponent? Pointing at the picture, and he said no you come Thailand you fight a Thai. So I was fighting a Thai girl. So I get into the ring, we are about the same height but obviously she is lighter than me (they alway are). Before the bell went Jun (Thepminit and Nakano cornered my fight) shouted ‘You win you win belt!!!!!!!’ I was like eeerm ok? Not really sure what he meant. I lost the fight on points, it was a very close fight, she was clever. You can always see their experience through their timing and footwork. She was also a southpaw like me and it was the first time id ever fought a southpaw! I dont really have southpaws back home to sparr with just people who switch up sometimes. It threw me slightly, and im not happy with my performance. But I really enjoy the fight and I was very relaxed in the ring but man I just cringe watching it back!!! Why didnt I box more?? Body kick? WTF!! anyway I was so close to stopping her with leg kicks one more kick and she would have gone down, but the bell went! The timing of the fight was shocking. So she was a Thai champion and a gold medalist from the Asiad (Asian) games. Shes a big tournament fighter. Im not exactly sure what the title was but it was a nice belt!

It was my first experience of the gamblers when fighting. Last year my fight was on a televised show so the ring was secured by a barrier. But wow Saturday was mental and I loved it!! Some buzz in that corner and everyone shouting things, mama Lek was going mental shouting at me (dont have a clue what she was saying ha) then going go go go push forward etc. I was wearing a black vest top I always wear in my fights and during the fight it kept riding down I think because so much water was poured on me! NOW im like you’re an idiot Kelly!! but in the fight I kept checking and pulling it up!………….TEEEEEP right I the chest hahaha everytime I went to pull my top up TEEEEEEEEP lol……lessoned learned ….new tops to fight here! Lol. After the 4th round (which went to the Thai) I said to Jun ‘im going to lose if I don’t stop her arent I?’ To which he replied……Yes! hahahaha oooh I just love the pure honesty so I went out had a huge 5th round then ding ding all over!

Its funny how different people perceive you, Pee A was at my Irish title fight back home in October, he thinks I was so much better on Saturday than then, whereas in my eyes im like ooh my god my fight in Ireland was soo much better. But fighting thai girls is so different to girls back home. That fight at home was so high paced I was fighting on the backfoot alot but it was non stop. On Saturday I was very relaxed walking forward ‘trying’ to pick my shots etc. But the important thing is it was a good learning experience for me. I know what I need to work on for my next fight. My trainers are happy they think I fought great and are impressed because the Thai was very good so im glad about that! Heart is a big thing here and I showed that anyway, which I always do and always will.

So back to the drawing board! No injuries just an overall achy body, like ive been in a fight or something?! 🙂 a few days rest and eating western food!!!! Ate my body weight in Mexican food yesterday!! Then back to training! 🙂


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