The boys

So training has been going well my trainers changed up the first 2 weeks but Kru Dam is my main trainer now, he is Pornsanaes main trainer, he is so good and a stickler for technique! He reminds me a lot of my coach back home πŸ™‚ Im still not relaxed enough hitting pads but its all a work in progress! I Injured my foot a week ago I dont remember hurting it but I must have kicked an elbow in pads or something. Its been worse the last couple of days but Dam massaged it (painfully) this morning and it seems better now which is good as im fighting next week on the 22nd! Hopefully I have a good fight and dont get KO’d like last year haha.

So I wanted to talk a bit about a few of the boys here at the gym. I love these lads to bits! They are so different to boys their age back home, they respect authority and their elders, everyday when the younger ones come home from school they go up to each trainer and wai to them. They absolutely love Ikkyu who is one and a half they shower him with kisses and cuddles everyday its so cute.

So first up is…Up! (Gaichan) hes the youngest of the thai fighters but also the loudest, he has a look of someone wiser than his years. He will look at you with a real serious face like wtf you looking at/talking about, but then breaks into a massive smile. He gets playfully picked on by the older lads especially Kongfah (one of the trainers) they have a real close friendship and its funny to watch! He’ll make Up do like 20 kicks for something and Up will be laughing his head off begging him to stop. He is still at school and doesn’t like it, you can tell he would rather be in the gym all day! But he looks so sweet especially on the days he wears a little scout uniform. You forget that hes a little badass fighter!
Next is Deat hes 16, himself and Up came to the gym together they are like extended family of Jun. He is also still at school.He is probably one of my favorites (sshhhh) I sparr and clinch with Deat almost everyday and we have a good laugh! Hes really encouraging and is like probably 40 something kilo and still throws me around and beats me up. The other day we went all Bruce Lee on each other (although for me it was really a roley poley into a Bruce Lee stance) Deat was flying, kick, knee everything at me until we both collapsed on the canvas exhausted haha. Out of training he seems to keep to himself alot and doesnt socialise and mess as much with the other boys, hes so polite and kind, a little gentleman πŸ™‚

Next are the infamous twins!! Tia and Ley, they are 16. When I came last year they were young playful little boys but puberty has well and truely hit! Haha they are young men now and both doing very well on the fight circuit! Tia is a bit too cool for school, you never know his mood! Its better to let him come to you than the other way round. But hes a lovely lad and you will nearly always see baby Ikkyu in Tia or Leys arms! Ley is a bit more confident you always get a wink or a quiet sneaky ‘love you’ from him.


Note is I think 16? Hes so goofy he loves playing around with the foreign lads, he has got very close to Hayden this trip its so funny to watch them. He looooooves dancing around, the way these lads dance makes me crack up!!! Its gas! But the smile is gone when hes hitting pads! Its all business then! Hes has really long legs and great range, there will be alot more champions to come out of this gym for sure! They are so talented and it amazes me how hard these lads kick there is just no way a farang their weight could have half as strong a kick!

Flook also 16/17 only started fighting around a year and a half ago, he lives nearby and not in the gym, and also still goes to school. Hes a little messer, today on my afternoon run I was on the way back and passed him and maggie when he saw me he grabbed a big branch from side of the road to hit me with (he didnt though lol)

And finally (although theres loads more) is Bew, hes another favorite of mine hes 18 and hes a quality fighter, so strong! I saw him fight when I first arrived hes a real exciting fighter to watch and the same in person. Hes another groover and loves to dance in front of the mirror messing around, even cutting weight he still has a big smile on his face! He just bought himself a new dirt bike and its his pride and joy. His family live local in the next town Ban Pong ive seen his dad loads at the gym, hes very involved in Bews fighting which I think is so nice. Hes always at his fights and the other day before Bews weigh in he came to the gym with some fish for him to eat.

I must have one of those faces that people love to mess and wind up because its the same here as at home! Although in fairness i give as good as i get! The trainers proper wind me up! Kongfah wrecks my head everyday, yesterday he kicked me in the head! Today he bit me!!! Hes like 34 years old but is like one of the 16 years olds, he painted his toenails pink today……the mans got issues haha. Juab is forever making fun of me and when I ask what hes saying hes like ‘you soo-ay, beautiful’ YOU BIG FAT LIAR!!!! that is not what you just said haha and Kru Dam is so funny whenever he corrects me (all the time) he will imitate me and exaggerate like im windmilling with my head in the air and my eyes closed!! Im not THAT bad Dam haha and Pornsanae I dont even know where to start with him to be honest, he stuck his tongue in my ear the other day boxing… they are all ting tong and I wouldnt change any of them! Haha


2 thoughts on “The boys

  1. Great post! Shame you didn’t write it before I got there as most of the time I didn’t know who was who, who lived there, who was related…πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re doing well!

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