Sabai Sabai

So I was sick for a few days last week, head, throat, chest no good! Pee a gave me chicken soup and this disgusting rice gruel with egg! oh man it was foul!!! I couldnt eat it! Then he gave me medicine and I did laugh as it was the same antibiotic he gave Maggie a few days before for her leg,  she didnt take it as she googled it and it was predominantly for chlamydia! Hahaha random thai medicine! So I googled it again myself and yep it was for chlamydia and also cholera,  symptoms of the bubonic plague AND my favourite……..elephantitis!!!! Hahaha so its like some kind of super drug….so I took it haha. Abigail gave me this ginger tea aswell and man it nearly blew me off my chair!!! Every gulp was like doing a shot of whiskey haha but totally good for you!

Ive been doing alot of pads with Yodsanchai this week, and I think hes trying to kill me, hes always giving out to me everyday KELLY NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! haha I dont have a sabai sabai thai style stance I stand sturdy and walk forward,  and to be honest I feel like a plum trying to relax, sabai sway like the thai’s I feel like a puppet on strings or a thunderbird haha but I totally see how its good and makes sense so im trying to change up! It makes me laugh when my padman is trying to show me something for eg, sitmonchai are famous for their powerful leg kicks and im still getting to grips with the technique I end up having 3 trainers standing around me telling me what to do, then show how ‘kelly’ does it wrong! Im like yea yea I KNOW how to do it! I just cant hahaha but its all good ive learnt so much already and ive only been here 2 weeks, so its all a work in progress 🙂

We have a great group of people here at the gym and most of us are here for a couple of months so it should be alot of fun. A few of us went to bangkok today with Pornsanae and Thepnimit (jun) to get custom gumshields from a dentist at the institute of sport 1000 baht for a custom shield from a dentist! Bargain!!! But my god the traffic! We literally spent a whole day in the car, my legs swelled up so bad so ive big fat cankles again!! We did have alot of giggles in the car, I learnt how singing old mcdonald to the children here wouldnt work so well!! The animal sounds the thai’s make actually nearly made me wet myself! A duck ‘GAP GAP GAP’ Aw we were in fits of giggles.

I kinda expected alot of weight to drop off me these 2 weeks especially from doing literally nothing for 2 months to training twice a day, well what a shock I got when I stood on the scales!! NO GOOD! so im seriously trying harder with my runs, I am finding running twice a day tough even though in the afternoon its a short quick one. Its been really cold in the mornings here so no sweating on the runs at all, so its gonna be long fat burning runs for kelly now, and a lot of calf massages 🙂


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