Kelly Sitmonchai…..pum pui!!!

Well my first week here is done (kinda) and its been tough but ive done better than I expected! The mind really is an amazing thing, ive had barely no sleep at all, with 2 nights not even a second of sleep but ive still got up and trained twice a day! (except yesterday we went to fights in afternoon at Omnoi) If I was at home I would not have done that (unless I was fight training id try to run).

It feels great to be back here, as always there’s a great bunch of people here and there are so many more thai’s here which is great! Im still trying to learn all their names! Some of the boys have grown up so much since last time I was here, Tia and Ley arent little boys anymore, and Jimmie has gotten so tall!

My main trainer this time is Kru Juab and he is a beast! My body is already in bits and ive only been here a few days, but its great! He has that standard kinda of sadistic coach look on his face when you are doing good and hitting pads really hard, your slightly dying inside but dont want to stop and he knows it! And the evil smile comes out haha.

The great thing about Sitmonchai is there are no bad trainers here they are all so good, technique is so important here, and if you are training with one coach here another will always interupt and point out things aswell ‘kelly does….no good, sabai, check’ haha
Juab has barely no English other than words to do with training/hitting pads etc but the other night he told me (with a bit of charades lol) that im improving already and said my face is getting skinnier haha so I was delighted! Ive been doing ok and feeling strong in afternoon training but not so good in the morning session, I think it will take a bit of time to adjust to it all.

So when I arrived here Pornsanae and Pee A came to greet me and Pornsanae straight away called me fat and asked me what happened! Now I did laugh as I was expecting this but I still had my bag on my back!! But he said it was ok 2 weeks I will be skinny! Maybe not 2 weeks but I appreciate the enthusiasm Pnae 🙂 Kongfah was the same he told me I was big, last time I was small, he keeps offering me food and when I say no he says something in thai which is pretty much along the lines of, good because you are fat! Haha but I suppose the good thing is they have seen me skinny and I will be soon hopefully.

Up is the youngest fighter here hes 13 and he may be the smallest but hes the loudest in the gym, hes got such character! Its just one huge family here, and they just love the babies, Baipai and Ikkyu, constantly showering them with love and kisses, playing with them, its like having around 20 older brothers! Dont ever mess with these kids haha. I could just sit and watch them all messing with each other all day! Up asked Yoshi the other night when I went to bed why I didnt like being called fat! Haha now in my defence I have been laughing it off the whole time and telling them to leave me alone in friendly banter, as you have to here and well its kinda true! Lol Yoshi tried to explain that calling a girl fat is like calling a thai ugly! And Up said thai girls are not like that, if you call them fat they dont care……ummmm me thinks all girls are the same no matter where you are from (except those cultures where very fat is beautiful to them) me and Yoshi said we think the thai girls probably go cry in their room alone lol.

Ive not been eating enough here (shock gasps from people who know me) im trying to get used to the food again, me and the toilet have been very close this week! I keep napping after morning training and forgetting to eat lunch before afternoon training, and im always starving before bed. I just need to get used to my surroundings I know there are food stalls down the road, tesco has only crap in it really, but they do sell noodle and rice dishes, but I need to brush up on my thai food words and get eating more. I dont like the thai sweets here which is great, I should be skinny in no time!! No more Kelly pum pui!!


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