Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life….for me!!!

So im sitting in my hotel room at the airport ready to fly to Thailand tomorrow morning! So thought id start my blog now. Im so excited about heading back there (but i just cant wait to check my bags in) lets just say id make a terrible backpacker! I know I packed too much but thats my own fault! Yep! because I got fat over Christmas (shes says whilst eating a slice of pepperoni pizza). My last two visits to Thailand I was fit and fight ready………not so much now! I had to pack fat AND skinny clothes. I havent hit pads in nearly 2 months probably my longest time ever since I started muay thai. So my body is going to get some shock this week!! But I still cant wait!

So yes im moving to Thailand where I hope to train, fight and teach English. As soon as I returned from my trip in 2012/13 I decided I was going back on a longer term basis, so I studied and got my TEFL qualification and saved as much as I could, and now the day is finally here!

Tomorrow i will be heading back to Sitmonchai Gym to train and whilst i am there i will start looking for work, to hopefully start in April/May time. I was only at Sitmonchai 2 weeks on my last trip but it left such an impression on me there is nowhere else id rather be!

So a quick recap on me ive had 12 fights (2am, 2 semi pro ) and 8 pro fights 5 win 3 loss (my last 3 fights) on my last trip to Thailand I fought there for the first time id had 5 pro fights and 5 wins, I was fighting a thai girl and everyone was telling me no problem, thai girls cant punch your really strong etc etc what happened?? I got KO’d in the 2nd round by a punch!…….yeaaap! To say I was shocked was an understatement, its not that I expected to win every fight but I wasnt expecting to get KO’d, oh and did I mention she was 15 years old! Anyway my experience of fighting in thailand for the first time wasnt a great one, but the whole thing felt like an out of body experience. Im a very emotional fighter (and person) and it shows in my training and fighting, ill cry if I need to and im not afraid to show my emotions especially in training for a fight, but in Thailand everything was so laid back, sabai sabai, it felt like I was watching it happen to somebody else, until I watched the fight back and yes! that was definitely me getting banged out!! So I took a bit of a confidence hit and I havent won since. But ive changed alot and grown as a fighter. I only had 2 fights in 2013 so im hoping 2014 is a fresh new start for me. I will learn from the best I will fight lots, or at least more than I would be able to at home, and just have a great time living in the land of smiles.


4 thoughts on “Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life….for me!!!

  1. How amazing Kelly!!!! Wishing you luck and happiness in Thailand. I was lucky enough to go there on holiday and completely understand why you have chosen to move there!!! I really hope everything works out well for you. Be careful and look after yourself. Love Claire xx

  2. How exciting !! I’m going to be following your journey for sure! can’t wait to hear about all your adventures so write load of logs please lol 🙂 take care hunni xxx

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